We are here to share with you the full set of Wedfolks first giveaway campaign with AndroidsinBoots and Noel Chu Atelier earlier this year.

In this series, photographer, Wilson Chua decided to “narrate” their love stories from a different point of view. An an angle that shows not only their happiness but also their struggles as a young couple living in 2 different cities (One in Hong Kong and the other in Shen Zhen). It unfolds a young love that is not easy. Mike, a budding actor strives hard to carve his name out in the industry.

They first met each other while working in a British restaurant. On her first day of work, she knocked over a bottle of beer, so he secretly labeled her as a silly big sister. It was not love at first sight for them, but more of a slow and deep love. Shortly after, she left to other cities to continue her studies.

When they finally got together, it was a long-distanced love. Even till now, yes. When they were together in the first year, the couple only met 10 days a year!! – it was definitely a test to their love. They could only miss each other through the keyboard and screen. The second year, Mike made a song, called the “Negative distance”, he sang in to her on the beach. It was a moment for the both of them.

He was travelling back and forth Shen Zhen and Hong Kong for awhile, it was tiring but they were happy. Last year, he proposed at home! It was a quiet, intimate affair. And of course, congratulations to the new couple! We hope “Negative distance” will continue to bring them lifelong happiness!


Mike 和 Yoyo 是在英國一家餐廳打工認識的:


不知道是一見鍾情還是日久生情,結果就是慢慢地喜歡上這個大刺刺的女漢子。她看似很豪邁,但同時也對身邊的人很照顧; 溫柔的傻大姐的外表,生活上卻充滿小智慧。








Photography: AndroidsinBoots / Gown: Noel Chu Atelier / Florist & Floral accessory: Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab / Bow tie: Novios Design Studio

Location:  Shing Mun Reservoir

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