Every couple would want to relive every precious moment of your wedding day with beautiful wedding photography. Let us introduce you to Hong Kong’s finest wedding photographers! Get inspired and let them take your breath away with how each and everyone has different styles to offer, capturing a flawless wedding. Take a look at our list of  outstanding handpicked favourites that you should watch out for! (In random order.)

每對情侶都想擁有一輯美麗的婚紗照,紀錄每一個重要回憶。一起來來看看我們喜歡的攝影師名單,認識本地多位優秀的攝影師及其拍攝風格,尋找適合自己的攝影師吧!  (排名不分先後)

  1. Martin Aesthetics
    We love how he captures emotion in a single frame. Natural, well composed and has a sentimental touch to it. One of Wedfolks’s favourite set was the one he shot in Mongolia, where he showcased the beauty of ancient culture in the most beautiful and honest way.我們好喜歡Martin Aesthetic的作品都能看到新人最率真的一面。其中蒙古婚紗照是Wedfolks最喜歡的一輯 ,每張相片都滲透出蒙古濃厚的文化氣息。

078-storyboard2. KC Professional Photography
Inspired by art, love, and passion, KC and his videographers are vibrant artists who values personal relationships and sees each of their clients as friends getting married. He aims to foster mutual trust where couples feel comfortable enough to enjoy the precious moments as he unfold the emotional connections between each couples and tell their love stories beautifully through still and moving images, captured in its natural and immaculate form.

如果找KC Professional Photography 作你們結婚時的攝影師,整個拍攝過程都會十分輕鬆,自然,毫無尷尬,不知所措的時刻,讓你們呈現最率真的一面。

013-storyboard015-storyboard3. AndroidsinBoots
Androidsinboots, is based in both Hong Kong and Singapore.  They have a good blend of modern western style as well traditional Hong Kong style. They do not believe that there is one style that is fitted for all. Therefore, one would notice that AndroidsinBoots shoots and edits differently for every shoot based on what best defines the couple.



4. Heather Lai Photography
If you like the dreamy and sweet softness, you must take a look at Heather Lai’s works. Her works are elegant and timeless, using mostly natural sunlight, bringing out the best in every couple. Definitely takes you way back in time.

如果你喜歡夢幻, 甜蜜, 柔和的話, 不妨看看Heather Lai的作品。常善用天然光線, 締造出自然和永恆的感覺,帶你回到拍攝當日美好的時刻。

005-storyboard039-storyboard5. CM Leung
CM Leung works with strong, bold and contrasting colours on his subjects, highlighting the them in a daring and sophisticated way. He has a dramatic style that makes the subject look elegant yet surreal.

CM Leung的作品線條鮮明,作風大膽,營造出華麗,戲劇性的感覺。

018-storyboard006-storyboard6. Feel in the blank
Feel in the blank captures moments that warms your heart from the inside. You do not have to worry about posing awkwardly in front of the camera. Those spontaneous and candid moments are definitely something you would want to look back upon in years to come. 

Feel in the blank 常捕捉到給人溫暖的畫面。那種自然和輕鬆的感覺往往讓人懷緬, 不自覺地再次翻閱,細味那快樂回憶。

032-storyboard007-storyboard7. Billy Onair Photography
Billy Onair Photography has dreamy and romantic feel. He is experienced in weddings and his works have a classy yet ethereal feel, with a hint of strong artistic flair. Let him take you away with his occasional quirky side!

Billy Onair Photography的作品有種浪漫,夢幻的感覺。由光線,背景,氣氛到拍攝對象的神緒,都一一紀錄下來,為新人留下每一個美好回憶!


8. Daniel Tam
Daniel Tam Photography has a strong and dramatic contrast. He fuses it with fashion-esque poses and expressions, his works has a bold and edgy touch to it. Definitely something to consider if you want to go for a high-fashion inspired set of photos, showing of that gorgeous gown you have been wanting to get your hands on! 

Daniel Tam Photography 的作品線條分明, 運用到強烈的對比。他揉合了拍攝對象的姿態和表情, 營造出大膽, 鮮明的感覺。

023-storyboard024-storyboard 9. Sophia Kwan Photography

Clean, natural and minimalist – Sophia uses digital and film but no matter the medium, she creates a luminous, organic and ethereal feel.  She has a feminine touch to her style, sensitive and detailed. She is also an avid user of natural light.

作風鮮明,自然,簡約不浮誇 。Sophia善於利用數碼相機和菲林相機,在自然光下捕捉所有率真,甜蜜的畫面,活靈活現。


10. Jenny Tong Photography
Jenny Tong Photography works with film only. Regardless the medium, her style is very natural, relaxed. She works well with her subjects as well as movement. She is sensitive and has an eye for details and a romantic softness. Definitely has a flair to capture your soul through her lens.

Jenny Tong Photography只用菲林相機作攝影工具。她的作品自然,休閒,而且有深度,將拍攝對象的心情,神緒都表露無遺。近月更遠赴南法提昇菲林攝影技術,更活躍於不同類型的Styled Shoot。


11. Amee Cheung photography
Her works are like a dreamy illusion using mostly incorporating natural sunlight. We love how effortlessly she captures the intimate moments of couples. Her works portray a soft, feminine touch of timeless simplicity that she is able to draw out from her subjects. Also, she is one of the few that still uses film photography.

Amee Cheung photography善用菲林相機和數碼相機, 好喜歡他們利用自然光帶出柔和的線條和女性化的元素, 勾畫出浪漫,唯美畫面。

12. Promenade
Promenade Photography has good sense of simplicity. Their works are very much driven by the mood and style of their subjects.From the close up portraits, to outdoor shoots, they bring out the best in every couple. They work well with spontaneity, stay in the moment and let them create the magic for you!

Promenade Photography 都以簡約為主, 他們以拍攝對象的心情和形象風格作主線,把拍攝對象最率真, 最美的一面紀錄下來。


13. Jeremy Wong Weddings
Jeremy’s approach is fresh, fun and has a documentary styled approach. His works are intimate and will guarantee spontaneity to the shots. Informal and reality based, capturing perfect moments through careful anticipation. He always has a willingness to “do what it takes” to get the perfect shot.



14. Maryann Art & Photography
Maryann Art & Photography works are soft, relaxed and has a sentimental approach to her subjects. She has a fine eye for details that captures intimate and unexpected moments. Her subjects are always a constant inspiration to her as she fuses it with her own style, making every shoot unique and individual.

Maryann Art & Photography 作品予人一種柔和,舒適的感覺,亦會將拍攝對象感性的一面紀錄下來,使他們的形象更鮮明。加上細緻的觀察力,將所有微小而有感染力的畫面都紀錄下來,打造出他們獨有的拍攝風格。

081-storyboard082-storyboard15. Studio Oak
Studio Oak is made up of three talents with the same passion and ideas. With a soft, nostalgic touch, it never loses appeal. Their works ends with a subtle touch of closeness, definitely intimate and heart warming. 

Studio Oak是由三個有同一興趣和理念的人組成的,風格柔和而且帶有一點復古懷舊的味道, 讓人百看不厭。好喜歡那朦朧的柔光感, 有一種微妙 ,親密的感覺 !

111-storyboard112-storyboard16. Emma Fok Photography
Emma Fok Photography is all about being natural, raw with genuine emotions. She has a flair for capturing those relaxed and honest expressions, works well with spontaneity! Her works portray a timeless simplicity, works well for the minimalist couples!

Emma Fok Photography的作品有一種自然,無加工的味道,經常捕捉到拍攝對象最自然,最真實的一面。030-storyboard031-storyboard17. Jada Poon Photography
Jada Poon Photography works well with both film and digital. Her works has a very strong personality of elegance, dreamy and sentimental touch. She captures the slightest details that reflects the atmosphere of true happiness. There is a kind of sweet softness that makes a wedding memory as vivid as the day itself.

無論是用菲林相機或是數碼相機, Jada Poon Photography都能駕馭得到。Jada的作品有種獨特的光感,柔和而且微妙,她的作品裏都能素描出迷人, 夢幻和扣人心弦的時刻, 營做出那種歡快美好的氣氛。

18. Hilary Chan photography
Hilary Chan Photography is all about going for the chic, elegant and timeless look. She captures boudoir so effortlessly with the subtle sexiness and glamour. Just think Audrey Hepburn – she has a gentle and feminine flair to her works. She also works with film as a medium where she creates magic in the real time.

Hilary Chan Photography常用菲林相機拍攝,其作品當中有種時尚, 華麗和永恆的魔力。她有為新娘拍攝最近流行的閨房照, 捕捉新娘在閨房裡性感, 自然和迷人的一面 。Hilary Chan的作品就如著名女星奧黛麗•赫本,愛中性的打扮,但又不失女人味。

19. CTKKIT Photography
CTKKIT Photography has a vibrant and strong sense of sophistication. He has an edgy and chic influence from high fashion editorials. He works well with elaborate set and props, making it look extravagant and glamorous. Do not worry about the fashion-esque poses and expressions, he would definitely bring out the best in every couple! 

CTKKIT Photography 的照片都十分鮮豔奪目, 而且有一種強烈對比, 給人時尚獨特的感覺。他他們亦善用工具,即使於室內拍攝,仍然能夠營造出華麗動人的感覺。

021-storyboard022-storyboard20. Hugh’s Hue
Stories subtly unfold from the work of Hugh’s Hue. They have a way of capturing the subject in the most natural and relaxed manner. Using natural light, simplicity is key!

看Hugh’s Hue的作品猶如看故事一樣,他們將拍攝對象最自然率真的一面捕捉下來,在自然的光線下,畫面亦特顯那簡單的美!


048-storyboard21. Siu Ming Photo
Siu Ming, the founder, director and chief photographer of Siu Ming Photo has a good sense of composition and uses strong contrasts in his works, portraying sophisticated and chic finish.

Siu Ming 是Siu Ming Photo的創辦人和主攝影師,好喜歡其作品的構圖和顏色對比鮮明,風格特出,有種獨特的時代感。

Contemporary with dramatic images and high visual impact. Photobyben has a artistic haute-couture look from the editorial style. It is all about the glitz and glamour, looking like a star on your wedding day!


23. Isa Photography
Isa Photography comes across as a unobtrusive and candid style. She has an eye for the slightest details, capturing moments that you would easily forget. Her chic and fresh approach would really reflect the couple’s personalities. She also uses film photography and does wonders with natural light.

Isa Photography的拍攝手法平實且率真,同時給人時尚新鮮的觀感,紀錄到所有的小細節,從她的作品裏容易看到情侶們的個性。她亦會用菲林相機在自然的光線下捕捉甜蜜時刻。

051-storyboard052-storyboard24. History Studio
History studio mixes fresh and natural styling with a touch of elegance. He has a down-to-earth approach and creates timeless images of his unique style. His works brings out the couple’s individual personality and require no awkward poses at all. 

History studio揉合了清新和自然的元素,拍攝出一輯輯獨特的結婚照片。他們不會叫情侶擺出造作的姿勢, 反而希望新人能夠自由發揮, 帶出情侶們獨有的性格和故事。011-storyboard009-storyboard25. Savour Productions
Savour Productions weaves stories through a fine art approach and has a more European flavour to their works, using warm natural light, they are able to capture a soft and timeless quality.

Savour Productions 的作品具西方風格, 他們善用到自然光捕捉到柔和,美好時光停留的一刻。

103-storyboard104-storyboard26. De Odd
They have their own unique and personal style, fun and oozing with personality. For couples who prefer the quirky and unconventional weddings. Let them take you on a creative spin!

De Odd的風格與眾不同,玩味重,而且能夠表現出新人的個性和背後的故事!


27. Alexander Hera
Alexander Hera is a young, dynamic and creative team of photographers, digital artists, makeup artists, stylists and designers to bringing wedding photography to a new aspect. They believe wedding photography is not just a standard task of the wedding; but also a personal expression of each wedding couple.

Alexander Hera 是一隊由年輕,活潑和有創意的攝影師,化妝師,造型師和設計師組成的團隊。他們相信婚禮攝影並不是一件單純的攝影,而是情侶們個性的表達。



28. Le Beuf Studios
Le Beuf Studios transform forgotten small details into a vivid storyboard that translate into something precious down memory lane. He lets the day unfold and take your breath away with his candids and beautiful moments you may not even have noticed!

Le Beuf Studios能夠將所有小小的細節捕捉下來,組合成一個個鮮明的故事, 美好的回憶,風格真實自然!071-storyboard072-storyboard

29. My Memory Wedding Production
My Memory has a detailed yet relaxed documentary style approach, capturing raw and honest emotions. Intimate and precious moments that would definitely be memorable to look back in years to come.



30. Patrick Photography
Patrick has a flair for capturing candid moments then transforming them into time frames of art. He has a photojournalistic approach and will definitely document all the joyous moments on your wedding day!

Patrick Photography 能夠將新人最率真的一面拍成永恆?變的照片。在新人結婚的大日子裏,會以新聞攝影師的拍攝手法,將所有喜悅紀錄下來!


31. Binc photography
We love how Binc Photography transform everyday routines into something magical. They have a fun and quirky aesthetic to their engagement shoots where they incorporate personal stories into their works, bringing out the best in every couple. 

我們喜歡Binc Photography的魔力,他們能夠將看似平凡, 乏味的事情變得有趣和獨特,總能帶給人驚喜。


32. 123 Cheese Production
Their works are clean, minimal with a touch of artistic elegance. Their works portray a soft, neutral colour tone that is calm and pleasing. It reveals moments that are elegant and honest, something memorable for such a significant milestone in life.

123 Cheese Production從構圖,顏色,道具等都花上不少心機。其作品線條分明, 風格簡約。當中柔和, 不偏不倚的顏色給人一種平實,舒適的感覺,他們亦為新人們紀錄所有寶貴難忘的回憶。


33. REAL Gallery
Real Gallery has a soft and natural style, often with a hint of playfulness, bringing out the true personality and uniqueness in each and every couple. It is all about being in the moment, spontaneity!


099-storyboard34. Terry Lo Wedding Photography
If you are looking for simplicity and something natural, Terry Lo works well with his subjects and surroundings. His works captures the intimate moments with dreamy, natural light.

如果你偏愛簡單,自然, Terry Lo Wedding Photography會是其中一個好的選擇。在他的鏡頭下顯得夢幻, 唯美。


35. Henry F Photography
Henry F has a eye for details and natural emotions, his works have a soft and simplistic touch. It slowly unfolds a couple’s story and every wedding has it’s own unique story. He often travels to Vancouver, for those of you who fancy an idea of an overseas shoot.

在Henry F細膩的鏡頭下, 可以看到很多細緻和自然的表情, 讓人體驗到那自然美。看著Henry F的作品, 就像看著情侶們的故事, 一絲絲的甜蜜在心頭。他常常來回香港和溫哥華, 所以如果你們想在海外拍婚紗照或宴會的照片,不妨找Henry F。

041-storyboard042-storyboard36. Friendsphotog
Minimalist and delicate to every detail. Friendsphotog’s aim is to make the atmosphere relaxed for every couple and it definitely helps to capture the intimate moments – you do not have to worry about striking awkward and cheesy poses! They also like to use the magnificent buildings to their advantage, creating contrasts between subjects.

Friendsphotog 的作品非常細膩,捕捉到每一個小細節,尤其欣賞他們善用宏偉的建築物作或自然的景觀作背景,讓整個畫面更深層次!036-storyboard037-storyboard37. Justin Lim Photography

Justin is well experienced, he works well with his subjects and has a good eye for composition. He has a flair for capturing even the slightest details, his works subtly reveals his own personal style. Creating an unique and memorable wedding for every couple.

Justin Lim Photography的作品都極具現代感和動感,令所有畫面變得栩栩如生,把最美好的一刻都停留著,讓人不自覺地沉醉在當中。

066-storyboard067-storyboard38. Jamie Ousby Photography
Jamie Ousby Photography makes every couple relaxed and he focuses on capturing timeless and touching moments that will be warm your heart in years to come. You will be completely comfortable, confident and secured with his photojournalistic style that you would want to relive that special moment.

Jamie Ousby Photography就像一個新聞攝影師, 使你們在舒適,自在的環境氣氛下, 用寫實的角度紀錄,當你們細味其作品時,有種時間停留住的感覺。

010-storyboard009-storyboard39. Lukas Chan Photo Lab
Lukas Chan Photo Lab has a soft, dreamy and contemporary touch to their works. Using mostly natural light, he captures things that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Intimate moments that would make your heart go warm and fuzzy.

Lukas Chan Photo Lab 多利用自然光捕捉一切窩心的美好時刻。他們的作品給人柔和, 夢幻和現代的感覺,百看不厭。
073-storyboard074-storyboard40. miLa Story
Detailed and delicate, miLa story has a narrative take to their works, often capturing relaxed and candid moments that makes a milestone in life worth celebrating for.

Mila story 非常細心,重視故事性,把新人獨有的愛情故事紀錄下來。我們常常留意到他們愛偷偷捕捉新人對望的一刻,讓人看到都感受到那小鹿亂撞的感覺 !

087-storyboard089-storyboard41. Michelle W. Photography
Simple and aesthetically pleasing, using mostly natural light. Michelle W. Photography definitely knows how to play around with light and her subjects, making wonders by capturing sweet and ever lasting memories.

Michelle W. Photography 的作品純樸簡單,色調柔和,舒適,毫無突兀的感覺。而且能夠捕捉甜蜜,溫馨的時刻,為新人紀錄下美好回憶!