We’re excited to share with you this gorgeous engagement shoot as part of Wedfolks’ Giveaway Styled Shoot. The long awaited photos are finally out! Candy and her finance, Steven were the lucky couple that walked away with a Prewedding shoot that from a group of creative vendors that we handpicked. Be blown away by this exquisite styled shoot. We wish the both of them lifelong happiness. Get to know the both of them better, we have a short interview below!


  1. Tell us more about yourselves, how did the both of you meet?

When met 9 years ago, through Xanga. When it was still a popular online diary to record and share files of our daily lives. We then took it to MSN, exchanged numbers, and got to know each other better from there. When I told my friends we met online, they were really surprised. I was apprehensive to tell my parents that we met online, so I just told them we met through a mutual friend. The feeling of love is amazing, in fact, the virtual world is not that terrifying. It just boils down to having awareness, and how you get to know a person that slowly becomes your significant other. The whole journey was an interesting one!

2. Could you share with us your thoughts on your wedding preparation?

Preparing for a wedding is not as difficult as we thought it might have been. Maybe it is how we get along. Before we go to bed every night, we will talk about everything and anything under the sky. To ensure that we are on the same page, so there is room for compromise.

The toughest part would be managing our time. Because both of us are often busy at work, and we have a certain requests for the wedding. We have about a year to prepare for our wedding, but this might be a little tight on schedule and pressurizing. Ultimately, both of us want the best for our big day.

The most important part of the wedding has to be the atmosphere, time where we celebrate joy, love and happiness. We do hope that all our guests would be able feel comfortable, and enjoy a night of celebration with us.

3. Please share with us your thoughts on the styled shoot? Was it beneficial for you as a bride to be?

I was really lucky to be able to work with this wonderful team. Each and every vendor involved in the shoot was really helpful, everyone involved had the same idea of working hard and giving their best. The final effect was also satisfying. With the curation and co-ordination of Wedfolks, and the professional advice given from the various vendors, it was really helpful for a pair of newlyweds like us. It did take a lot of pressure off!

4. Tell us about your experience with the other vendors we have handpicked?

I believe this team is more special than usual. It’s not just a company’s production, everyone came from different companies and backgrounds. Each and every vendor had their own unique taste and professionalism to make the whole shoot and exclusive one. All the vendors were very cooperative and worked really well together through communication and mutual respect. I truly admire them for their spirit of coming together in creating the best of what they can offer.

5. Why did the both of you pick this location?

Although we met in Secondary School, but back then, we hardly meet up. To us, distance was something we had to cope with. We met 1-2 times on an average every week. Of course, we would loved to be able to meet up everyday. This place brings back memories of our Secondary school days.

Moreover, San Yu College is different from other schools. They have large patches of greenery, red brick walls, gorgeous staircases. The architecture does not feel like we’re in Hong Kong, maybe somewhere in Europe. We were hoping it adds more flavour and character to our engagement shoot.

修讀電影的Jeremy Wong,作品帶有英式的自然風格,畫面運用富電影感,擅長捕捉真摯的情感,用照片帶出新人的個性和故事,一起細看在Jeremy Wong Weddings鏡頭下,Candy 和 Steven之間的故事吧。
期待已久,早前Wedfolks Giveaway的大獎幸運兒Candy 和 Steven 的照片於出爐了!!他們得到由各品牌精心打造的一次完美Styled Shoot。我們先了解一下二人的故事吧!


  1. 先了解一下你們,你們是如何認識的?

好幾年前, 網絡上曾經流行xanga, 以網上日記紀錄及分享生活點滴, 我跟未婚夫Steven就是一個在xanga上結識的網上情緣。由xanga, 到MSN, 再到傾電話中互相認識。由網友, 變為朋友, 最後成為情人。從前 朋友聽起來都會大感驚訝,在我起初告訴家人的時候,更只是說朋友介紹的而已,因為網絡上危機處處,更可況當時只是中學生的我倆。這段感情一拍就相愛到了今年第九個年頭,其實網上世界並不恐怖,邊度認識亦唔係問題,而係點樣清楚的去選擇你既伴侶,而這個相識既過程可能更有趣。


  1.    你們在籌備婚禮時有什麼想法?例如遇到困難嗎?婚禮最着重的是哪一個部份?






  1.    你對這次的拍攝有什麼感想?對你籌備婚禮有幫助嗎?



  1.    可否告訴我們在拍攝期間與其他婚禮供應商合作時的感想?例如趣事,感動事,欣賞的地方。



  1.    為何你會選擇三育書院作為拍攝場地? 這個地點對你們來說有特別的意義嗎?



Publisher: Wedfolks / Photography: Jeremy Wong Weddings  / Makeup: Chichi Makeup & Styling / Gown: Denisa Bridal Couture / Suit: Menclave Homme / Bow tie: Novios Design Studio / Florist: Old Soul Florist / Hair Accessories: Being of Love Millinery


Being of Love Millinery英式新娘禮帽以硬紗帶和羽毛造出飛揚感,絲上有精細的立體盤花,配上長度剛好的面紗讓Candy 更添嫵媚。Chichi Makeup & Styling 貫徹自然的風格,妝容上令Candy精緻的臉龐變得更立體,所有臉上的色彩都恰到好處。

Being of Love Millinery’s English styled hard yarn and feathers bridal headpiece, together with the long veil just completes the look. Framing Candy’s face perfectly, giving her a feminine touch. Not to mention, Chichi Makeup & Styling did a wonderful job with the natural makeup, giving her a beautiful glow and accentuating her features.

Old Soul Florist 的絲花花球以粉色紫色作主調,有一種脫俗的清新優雅。

With hues of pink and purple, Old Soul Florist’s silk flower bouquet gave an elegant and refreshing touch.

Menclave Homme 出名西裝款式多變,Steven大膽地選了乍看似是灰色但其實有粉紫色細格作襯搭的紫白色西裝,和Candy手上的花球形成一個呼應。而 Novios Design Studio 設計的煲呔所用的每塊布料都由設計師親自挑選,甚至能為客人訂造布款,在眾多的款式中要找出合適自己的配搭實在不易,有不少男仕在毫無頭緒時會選擇同一色系,但Steven 在一身淺色禮服上選了黑色點紋煲呔,讓整體造型上更增亮點。

Menclave Homme’s suits are known for being versatile. It was a smart choice for Steven to pick a bold light grey suit, it matches Candy’s floral bouquet perfectly! And the design and fabric for the bow tie from Novios Design Studio completed the look. A contrast with the light grey suit enhances the patterns on it!

Candy 身穿的婚紗來自於Denisa Bridal Couture具有現代感的設計複雜且優雅,分層裙擺使Candy身段更修長。

Wearing a gown from Denisa Bridal Couture, a modern and elegant design with a layered tail to enhance Candy’s slender figure, bringing out the best curves!