always makes a sport of people. It brings two persons in love together but throw them into a whirlwind of emotions and unforeseen obstacles thereafter. Yet, when two hearts are intertwined, they always find their way back to each other. 

Larry and Vanessa believed that their fated has been sealed sixteen years ago  when they were table buddies in primary school. Larry is always full of mischief (still is now) and always had something up his sleeve. On the other hand, Vanessa was quiet, studious and always had to put up with the pranks of her mischievous partner. As time passed, tricks and jokes turned into care and concern for each other. Butterflies developed in their stomachs and affection filled their hearts. It was also at this juncture that they went on to pursue life on different paths. 

There was an undetachable bond that connects both their souls. They remained as close friends and would occasionally confide in each other on life and new crushes. It was not until a few years later before they realised all they have been searching for was right there this whole time. Being friends was easy but moving on to lovers was another level of commitment. It was a risk they could not afford and did not want to take as the failure of this relationship meant losing a lover and a friend altogether. Nevertheless, Larry was insistent and determined to make the relationship work. Eventually his determination came to fruition. They maintained their friendship, gained a soulmate each and married the love of their lives. 

What is meant to be, will always be. ——

The giveaway pre-wedding shoot of Larry and Vanessa took place at Lion Nature Education Centre. It was a sight to behold as the park offered a luscious and green environment with varied backdrops featuring a natural rock formation and a myriad of flora and fauna. The couple opted for a rustic theme setup featuring a berry/mauve palette. And Event and Image worked their magic by creating the perfect arrangement through the slightest detail and attentive placements of props to accurately captivate the romantic feeling and bring us back in time to the Victorian era. The main bouquet and other flower pieces under Fiori Florals’s careful selection comprising various types, organic textures and sizes definitely stood contrasted with the green venue and fitted the theme perfectly. Vanessa exuded timeless beauty in her gowns by Amire Bridal that saw classic style with intricate lace and bead details. She looked flawless under Yoyo Yip’s thoughtful choices of sleek hairdos and nude make-up look. The entire shoot was beautifully captured by the talented Vincent of La French Touch Photography who captivated our hearts with the love story of Larry and Vanessa through his lens with charm and grace.


緣份將兩個戀愛中的人連結在一起,但隨後將他們帶入旋風般的情緒和不可預見的障礙中。然而,當兩顆心交織在一起時,他們總能找到相互依靠同行的路。 Larry 和 Vanessa認為,他們的緣份已於16年前定好了,當時他們是小學同學。Larry總是充滿了惡作劇頭腦(現在仍然是這樣)。另一方面,Vanessa安 靜好學,總是不得不忍受她惡作劇伴侶的惡作劇。隨著時間的推移,惡作劇伎倆和笑話變成了彼此關心。愛情開始發育,對對方充滿了感情。也正是在這個 時刻,他們繼續在不同的道路上追求生活。 有一種不可分割的紐帶連接著他們的靈魂,他們仍然是親密的朋友。直到幾年之後,他們才意識到他們一直在尋找的所有東西都在這裡。成為朋友很容易, 但轉向戀人是另一個層面的承諾,這是他們無法負擔的風險,起初不想採取這種關係,因失敗意味著完全失去一個情人和一個朋友。然而,Larry堅持並決心 使情侶關係發揮作用。最終他的決心取得了成果。他們保持著友誼,大家都獲得了靈魂伴侶,並娶了他們的生命之愛。 Larry 和 Vanessa的Pre wedding在獅子自然教育中心進行,這裡提供了一個美麗和綠色的環境與各種背景,天然岩石形成和無數的植物。這對夫婦選擇 了質樸的主題設置,採用漿果/紫紅色調,通過最細微的細節和精心佈置的道具創造完美的佈置,以準確地製造浪漫的感覺,並將我們帶回到維多利亞時代。 Fiori Florals精心挑選的主要花束和其他花卉作品與綠色場地形成鮮明對比,完美貼合主題。 Vanessa在Amire Bridal的婚紗中散發出永恆的美感,看 到了經典的款式,複雜的蕾絲和珠飾細節。在Yoyo Yip精心挑選的時尚髮型和裸妝外觀下,她看起來完美無瑕。整個拍攝都是由才華橫溢的 La French Touch Photography拍攝的,他用魅力和優雅的鏡頭通過Larry 和 Vanessa的愛情故事迷住了我們的心。


Publisher: wedfolks / Photography: La French Touch Photography / Gown: Amire the Bridal Closet / Makeup: Yoyoyipmakeup / Styling & decoration: AND Event Decor and Image design / Florist: Fiori Florals