Wedding backdrop is what most couples would have wished they paid a little more attention to before the wedding. Some might think a backdrop is unnecessary, but let us show you what wonders can a backdrop do! Not to mention, how much fun they look in pictures and it also doubles as a beautiful wedding decor. It creates a focal point for your wedding and helps set the scene right, adding a lot of personality to your venue. We have specifically selected a few different fabulous backdrops and styles to inspire you for your very own wedding!



Fabric and Ribbons 布條和絲帶

How about a backdrop of hanging streamers! For an outdoor setting, you may want to pick something light and soft, pastels would definitely work well – for that rustic touch!

相信有不少人都對波希米亞風的樸素,隨意情有獨鐘,不妨以流蘇作為你們婚禮的背景,讓每一個參加婚禮的人變成無拘無束的Wild Child。

Backdrop : Meadows Flowers & Styling / Photography : Jenny Tong Photography

Go for strips of pastel coloured fabric and ribbons, play around with textures and length. The layers is what you want to go for a chic and wedding backdrop. We loved how the fairy lights and pink fringe blooms worked so well together!


Backdrop : Annaberrie by Diana Ma / Photography : KC Professional Photography


Neon Lights 霓虹燈

How about a well composed strings of red chilli peppers, with a playful neon light sign that says “Mostly Harmless” We love how this creative backdrop has a pun intended! Brilliant!
由一串串辣椒組成,加上"Mostly Harmless 大概無害"的霓虹光管,別有用意的呢!

Backdrop : My Sugar Florist / Photography : MiLa story


String of Lightbulbs 燈泡串

How about a minimalist string of light bulbs in the dark for a simple yet glamorous backdrop? We love how the warm lighting just draws everyone’s attention but it is not over the top. Perfect for outdoor weddings!


Backdrop : 101 Forest Event Decoration / Photography : 123 CHEESE PRODUCTION


Bohemian Flair 波希米亞風

Lace and crochet has a touch of understated elegance to any wedding. Handwoven dream catchers are amazing to use as a wedding backdrop, especially for outdoor weddings, where the sun rays seep through the beautiful crochet. It also is such a blessing for the newlyweds and their guests, spreading positive energy all around.


Backdrop : Fifteen / Photography : by the bride(left) & Fifteen (right)


Indoor Floral Wall 秘密花園

Can’t decide if you want an indoor or an outdoor wedding? How about bringing the best of both worlds together by having a sophisticated indoor garden with massive flowers and leaves backdrop?


Backdrop : June In March & Bloom East / Photography : Jamie Ousby Photography (left) & June In March(right)


Photography & Backdrop:  Annaberrie by Diana Ma


Giant Alphabets  巨型字母

Giant alphabets and marquee letters with lights look simply stunning, feels like the mirrors of a backstage room. How very energizing, wouldn’t you want to just let loose and dance?


Backdrop : Workshop Weddings / Photography : Justin Lim Photography


Wall Projections 投影燈

This would definitely go easy on your wallet and you can get creative with projections, as long as you have a white background. It could be anything from psychedelic colours, shapes, or even gentle waves on the beach! Do your research and opt for something that best suits your theme!


Photography & Backdrop :  Simply Grand Production / Table centerpiece : JF floral couture


Pom Poms 蓬蓬花球

With a draped fabric and pom poms as a backdrop, it instantly adds to the freshness and cuteness to it!

粉色系的Pom Pom背景看落簡單清新,同時種俏皮的感覺,讓整個場地生色不少!

Backdrop : by the bride / Photography : ARJ Photography


Greenery and lush elements 綠色婚禮

With lush leaves and logs, it adds to the warm and homely feel to any green, organic wedding!


Photography & Backdrop: ForCheer Wedding Decor


Wooden Affair 簡約木牆

Wooden birch for that rustic feel, with a customized neon light sign to brighten the whole atmosphere! Definitely a hotspot for photo taking!


Backdrop : Hot Kisser Design & Decor / Photography : Mary Ann Art & Photography


Vintage Classic 古典風味

For the vintage theme, would be a good option for dark wood with lush greens. To recreate the illusion of garden greens indoors.


Backdrop : Divine Floréal / Photography : Henry f.


Geometric Patterns 幾何圖案

Mosaic patterns with colourful floral blooms for that contemporary and chic finish! Step up your wedding game with these minimalist statement makers!


Photography & Backdrop: Meadows Flowers & Styling


Floral Arch 鮮花拱門

Mix and match tulle with fabric, with floral arch on a frame for a soft, elegant wedding. Definitely suitable for outdoors as well!


Backdrop : Forest for Rest / Photography : Binc Photography


Paper Flowers 紙花

Want a dream-like, fantasy theme? Maybe something from Alice in Wonderland? Let these mesmerizing giant paper flowers greet you and your guests!


Photography & Backdrop: 花‧時間 Plant Some Time


Marbled Wall 大理石牆

A marbled wall perfect for that elegance. With a touch of greenery, it just livens up the whole atmosphere. We are sure your guests would be so intrigued by this simple yet fresh backdrop!


Backdrop : Meadows Flowers & Styling  / Photography : Amee Cheung Photography