Before all the wedding day preparations, every groom-to-be has to go through this nerve wrecking process. “The Proposal”. With so many people posting their proposals online, the standard of an ideal proposal just goes sky high. The idea of the surprise element becomes so important, that men start to plot their proposals as early as a year ahead!

Like every other groom-to-be, Wai from the UK wanted to give the love of his life, Adele, a surprise proposal whist she was visiting Hong Kong on a business trip. He had to secretly fly into Hong Kong (without Adele knowing), contact photographer, Jamie Ousby, to discuss and meet up to find an ideal location, somewhere that wouldn’t get Adele too suspicious.

He fell in love with the gorgeous backdrop of Hong Kong’s skyline, right outside Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui. It is considered to be one of the most spectacular cityscapes of the world. The two men came up with a plan, and started on their mission. Wai’s wanted the proposal to be simple, candid and natural. It was a fun experience for Jamie, having to follow his subject and hide from her, he must have felt like a private investigator! “I had to wait around like a paparazzi with my huge lens, Adele had no idea who I was, and least expected Wai to be in Hong Kong. He appeared to pop the question, it was a lovely moment to capture.”

Such a heart-warming story about love, and amidst the busy city of Hong Kong, we are happy that it was a special place for them. Seeing how they were so into the moment – their eyes were so filled with love, hugs were so genuine and their smiles were beaming with happiness! Congratulations to Wai and Adele, we are so moved by your love!



來自英國的Wai亦不例外,在女朋友Adele亳不知情下來到香港,祕密聯絡攝影師Jamie Ousby一起密謀求婚計劃。由於Wai對晚上尖沙咀文化中心外壯觀的海傍景色極度著迷,所以求婚計劃決定在此進行。Wai 喜愛簡單自然的效果, 經討論後Jamie就如狗仔隊一樣跟蹤目標, 在閃石之間捕捉一個個甜蜜感動的畫面!

原本並不知道Wai身在香港的Adele,看見Wai在五光十色的海傍出現, 走到她的面前單膝下跪, 從口袋裏小心翼翼地拿出戒指, 希望能夠牽著她的手共度下半生。Adele 笑著點頭, 被戴上戒指, 眼泛淚光, 場面十分窩心! 從Jamie的鏡頭下, 看到Wai 和Adele的眼神之間充滿愛, 笑容之間充滿喜樂。恭喜Wai 和Adele!


Photography: Jamie Ousby Photography / Location: Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui