Enchanted forests, vast shorelines and golden sunlight, Philip and Fish’s engagement session brought out the beauty of nature’s elements in full glory. If we didn’t know any better, we’d think this was shot in some obscure, faraway destination. Imagine our surprise to find out that this was taken in Tainan, Taiwan! Philip and Fish were totally comfortable in each other’s presence, resulting in photos that display incredible intimacy and warmth. Wilson Lee demonstrated great skill through his photos which paint the couple’s love story in glorious light.

迷人的森林,浩瀚的海岸和金光閃閃的陽光,Philip 和Fish 的婚禮帶來了大自然美麗的照耀。


我們看到 Philip 和 Fish 自然地把彼此之間親密感和暖暖的感覺流露在鏡頭前面。

攝影師 Wilson Lee 完全勝任,用相機抓住了最光彩奪目的愛情故事。

Photography: Wilson Lee Photography / Hair & Makeup:  Ivy Wedding Makeup & Hairstyle