We are excited to share with your this set of gorgeous style shoot that would leave you inspired for the days to come. This particular set has so much to offer in terms of cinematography, personality and ambience as well as the aesthetic in natural beauty. Definitely an inspiring shoot in nature.

“Wild and fearless,

She is the Sun,

She is the Wind,

She is Love.”

We loved how Promenade captured the youth and freshness in this set. With an cinematic touch, they were able to bring out the passionate and spontaneous moments. This was a simple style shoot with no flowers, or extravagant set, but within it’s own simplicity, the beauty naturally reveals itself. The feature’s personality oozing of elegance and flair, pulling off Summer’s lilac’s gown in silk crepe de chine so flawlessly. With the use of natural light, wind, breath-taking and scenic rocks in Shek O, everything seems to fall in place perfectly. Just looking at this shoot, makes me feel the summer breeze in my face, the smell of sand and sea. Where nature and memories weave together to create an unforgettable moment.


好喜歡在Promenade鏡頭下看到那活潑清新的感覺,讓人不由自主地陶醉在相片之中,就如進入了電影情節一樣。這是一輯簡單自然為主的形象拍攝,毫不花巧,淡淡的散發出自然美。拍攝對象的個人特性,神韻在Promenade的鏡頭下亦顯得鮮明。男生的服裝樸素不羈,女生分別穿上Clairdelune SeoulSummer’s lilac古典唯美的婚紗,在石澳吸引的自然景色下顯得完美無瑕!Promenade 善用到自然的光線,微風和石灘帶出夏天的感覺,感受到那陣陣的微風和大海,細沙的味道,變成一幕幕樂而忘返的回憶。

Photography & Styling: Promenade / Dress(Lace): Clairdelune Seoul (Elis Blouse + Elis Skirt) exclusively at Promenade /Dress (Silk satin & Crop top tea-length dress): Summer’s lilac /MUA: MarryCan. Makeup / Location: Shek O Beach, Hong Kong