Marriage is not only the commitment of two loving people, but more importantly the combination of two families. It is such good idea to include the older generation in your wedding photos, having their blessings will always be the best gift ever! Scroll down to witness the two generations of love.

With this gorgeous shoot, we followed the lens of Studio Oak’s, taking us between two generations of love and their strong bonds. The couple, Sally and Alan together with Alan’s parents put on their cheongsams and suits, and they just behaved like how they always did – a happy and warm family. You do not need a lot, a genuine smile is the best makeup. We’re excited to show you how a traditional wedding shoot can be so tastefully put together!

Sally, a florist from OldSoul Florist – her floral designs are always a part of her life. We love the hair and makeup by Yoyo Yip Makeup where she recreated the retro look for them in a simple and elegant style that matches the cheongsam and gown so flawlessly. We’ll just have the images speak for themselves and immerse yourself in the two generations of love, beautifully captured by Studio Oak and Supfilms.



這次我們跟著Studio Oak的鏡頭下,穿梭在兩代人之間,細味他們的愛情故事和家庭點滴。Sally 和 Alan 與Alan 的父母穿上旗袍和長衫,拿出舊照片說説笑笑。Sally是OldSoul Florist的花藝師,生活中總用她擅長的花藝帶給這家庭錦上添花的生氣。由Yoyo Yip Makeup 設計的妝髮帶點復古之餘非常簡潔利落,配上旗袍和長衫非常合襯。一起來看看由Studio Oak 和Supflim 掌鏡的兩代愛情紀錄吧。


Publisher: Wedfolks / Photography: Studio Oak / Videography:  Supfilm / Gown: Alisha & Lace HK / MUA: Yoyo Yip Makeup / Qipao: Yan Shang Kee / Florist: OldSoul Florist / Suit: Menclave Homme