This story of Sally and Alan would probably be the fairy tale of modern day romance. They met in high school, and like what you would usually see in romantic movies – she was a good student, had a good grades. Alan on the other hand was a mischievous and playful lad back then. Sally described them as “little tyrants” of the class. The sparks only happened when they left high school and started growing up. Alan was attracted to Sally’s strong yet gentle character. Alan’s tenderness was what deeply moved Sally. This was how it all started. Their love is very much like a fairytale as they grew together, supporting and encouraging each other along they way, making each other a better person.

Sally’s favourite flower is the rose. Every month, Alan would send her a different kind of rose. (How thoughtful is that!) If roses could witness their love, leather would be the catalyst for their love. Sally had an interest in handmade leather, and was making a lot of leather crafted items for Alan. Alan, picked up leather crafting as well and he spend days working on a insanely gorgeous leather rose, he made it from scratch! All that meticulous work for a leather rose that would always be blooming with age and time.

On Alan’s birthday, Sally prepared a hotel room by the sea together with a sumptuous dinner. But she received an even greater surprise! He prepared a video, together with 99 roses and a leather ring box, inscribed with “Always with you”, with his commitment to her life. This two lovebirds have since decided to walk their lives together, side by side. Wedfolks noticed their love story and their co-established Instagram account – @sallyalanweddingmemories.

Both of them had the interest of focusing on documenting the entire wedding process because they want to leave it as a memory, something they could look back upon. They had taken a few pre-wedding photo shoots in Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong. We have seen the photos and we are so in love with it. So we decided to ask them out to get to know them better!

In the interview process, we could feel their heart being tied as one – from work, to family, to friends, to interests. Everything was just interconnected – they have become each other’s lifelong partners, good friends, colleagues and life tutors. Sally encouraged Alan to learn photography, while she created the brand Oldsoul Florist with the full support of Alan while preparing for the wedding. From Sally’s passion for floral art and how she spends time to understand the needs of her customers, we can definitely the brewing passion and enthusiasm. She would give them advise what they need and discuss with them on their preferred choices. She always put herself in the shoes of the bride, narrowing down the choices and styles for them. She believes every bouquet is made with love and not just a mechanized bundle of blooms. She sees her clients as friends, trying her best to reach their needs. “This sincere enthusiasm is probably the most attractive side of Sally, she is not just a brand., she is the heart of soul of Oldsoul Florist – a matured and beautiful soul.


Sally  & Alan 大概是現代愛情的童話。

從高中開始相識,像電影一樣,女孩是典型的乖學生,男生是班中頑皮份子,即Sally口中所形容的「蝦蝦霸霸」的同學。彼此在高中時期擦不出任何火花,原本的平行線,卻在長大後再次連上。Alan被Sally的能幹,堅強卻帶溫柔的性格所吸引;Alan 的溫柔細膩,呵護備至使Sally 深深感動,互相欣賞的情愫使愛之慢慢萌芽。他們的愛情像童話因為他們的相處間充滿甜密情趣,同時又互相扶持鼓勵,一起成長。

玫瑰是Sally最愛的花,Alan每個月必定會送上不同品種的玫瑰。如果玫瑰是他們愛情的見證,皮革應該是他倆愛情的催化劑。起初Sally 鍾情於手工皮革,為Alan親手製作過不少皮物,後來他倆更結伴一同學習皮革工藝,Alan 曾花上幾天時間親手製作一株皮革玫瑰,從切割,塑形到修飾每一步都一絲不苟,令這株皮革玫瑰永遠完美地綻放。這一切的回憶正給他們所說-濃濃的皮革味,七八十年代的爵士樂,愛情的氣息就這樣醞釀著。

在Alan生日的一天,Sally準備了一間向海的酒店房間和悉心安排的晚餐,怎料她卻收到更大的驚喜。在只有二人的房間內,她看見了他準備的錄像片段,他拿著99枝玫瑰和一個皮製戒指盒,刻印著 “Always with you”,載著他對她一生的承諾,從此一切都變得不一樣,他們己經認定了對方,要共同渡過一生。Wedfolks在芸芸眾多的新人中留意到他們,是因為他們共同建立的Instagram – @sallyalanweddingmermories .
不少情侶在訂婚後都會著手開始籌備婚禮,但Sally & Alan 更特別著重於紀錄整個婚禮的過程,由於他們很想將不同回憶一一留下,所以分別在泰國,台灣和香港都有拍攝婚照。因此我們決定要更訪問這倆口子。在相談訪問的過程中,我們感受到他倆的從心靈上的緊密連繫,從工作到興趣,到心事,他們無所不談。除了伴侶,他們更是彼此的好朋友,同事,伙伴及生命導師。Sally鼓勵 Alan研習攝影,而Sally在籌備婚禮過程中在Alan全力支持下創立花藝品牌  -Oldsoul Florist 。從Sally對花藝的熱愛到她照料客人的程度,可以看得出她的熱誠。「可能我也是待嫁新娘關係,我清楚明白新娘們的需要,她們不只需要一個精心設計的花球,而且需要建議和討論。我從不設立任何機械化的回應,每一位查詢的新娘子的都視她們做朋友,盡可能和她見面以了解她真正的需要。」這顆真誠的熱情大概是Sally最吸引人之處,不只是營運一個品牌,又是真正替客人們著想。不論是Alan還是Sally, 他們除了有個Old Soul (成熟的靈魂)還有一個Beautiful Soul(美麗的靈魂)

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Photography: 馬丁光影 martin aesthetics
Location: Lions Nature Park, Sai Kung/ Fungus Workshop/ Sai Wan Pier

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Photography: Cabin Crew Afterwork
Make up and hair: Fanny Fong Make up
Florist: Oldsoul Florist
Location: Shing Mun Reservoir


Oldsoul Florist

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