Looking through Paper Play Design’s website or Instagram photos, you would have thought you were looking at the work of a florist. But do not forget, these flowers are all made from paper! Yes, we know fresh flowers have always been a wedding staple, but lately, we have been noticing that paper flowers are starting to hit the aisle! For couples who are looking for something a little different, paper flowers offers a unique way to add personality, playfulness and of course, bright cherry colours to your wedding decor! Paper flower making is an vintage art form, every flower is unique and made with love by hand cutting each and every petal from high quality Italian crepe paper. From anemone, to roses, to peonies, to ranunculus… get blown away by her delicate works!

Today, we have Julie Siu to share with us her beautiful work and inspiring story behind Paper Play Design and how she turned a craft passion into a something insanely gorgeous and timeless.

看著Paper Play Design的Facebook和Instagram,大概你會覺得那只是普通花店,但別忘記那是用高質素的意大利皺紙製成的花朵,獨一無二!我們留意到紙花亦開始得到新人的青睞,讓婚禮帶點不同。紙花製作是舊有的工藝,每朵花都需要用心製作,每個花瓣都由人手切割!無論是海葵,玫瑰,牡丹等等,都能在Paper Play Design 找到!
今天我們有Julie Siu的分享,了解更多Paper Play Design的作品和故事,如何將永恆的美注入紙花裏。


  1. How did Paper Play Design come about?

J: It was really unplanned as I stumbled across paper flowers when I was visiting my family in Sydney. I was spending an afternoon with my niece and we decided to make something together and decided on paper flowers. That’s where it all began.

  1. Paper Play Design是如何開始的呢?

J:其實是無心插柳的,當時我在悉尼探親,偶遇如此特別的紙花。於是跟我的侄女用了一個下午就決定做紙花,創立了Paper Play Design!


  1. What inspired you into paper craft? Why would you choose paper flowers over real flowers?

J: Moving overseas to Hong Kong was a great opportunity to do something a bit different from what I was doing back home and I’ve always wanted to try something creative.

When it comes to fresh flowers vs paper flowers, I don’t really see it as a choice between one of the other. Rather, they actually complement each other quite well. The right selection of fresh flowers will certainly enhance the look of your wedding. It’s just that paper flowers allows you to be a bit more creative in terms of matching flower types with your favourite colours without being limited by what is in season. Plus, they make for a nice little memento to commemorate that special day.

  1. 是甚麼啟發你在紙花上的製作呢?為何會選擇紙花而非鮮花?



  1. What is your favourite flower? And why?

J: I would have to say that my favourite is the Ranunculus. They are petite, intricate and just so beautiful!

  1. 你最喜歡甚麼花?為甚麼?


PPD Bridal bouquet

  1. How would you incorporate paper flowers in weddings?

J: As mentioned, I believe that you can incorporate paper and fresh flowers into various arrangements to great effect. For instance, a bouquet of fresh and paper flowers can look stunning and at the same time allow the bride or bridesmaids to keep part of the wedding flowers as a memento.

I also think that paper flowers are great when used as corsages for the groom or groomsmen as they will not wilt like fresh flowers yet also look much more elegant than plastic flowers.

Flower crowns are also a great addition to a bridal shower or to a flower girl’s outfit.

  1. 如何將紙花運用到婚禮中?


我亦覺得用紙花作襟花也不錯,因為不像鮮花一樣枯萎,感覺比膠花更高貴優雅。給Bridal shower的準新娘,姊妹們和花女戴上紙花頭環也不錯!


  1. What kind of flowers would you suggest for weddings?

J: That really depends on the unique look and feel that the bride is looking for. As an example, Camellias would add a delicate touch to the wedding décor whilst Large Peonies can help create a beautiful spring setting that exudes the essence of a new beginning.

  1. 你會建議用甚麼花在婚禮上?

J:這真的取決於新娘想要的獨特外觀和感覺。 例如,山茶花會給婚禮裝飾添加一個微妙的感觀,而大牡丹可以營造出一個春天的氣氛,迎接新的開始。


  1. What should people expect when using paper flowers for weddings?

J: Brides can expect a unique and distinct look that they would otherwise not be able to achieve through fresh flowers.

  1. 在婚禮上使用紙花時,應該會有甚麼期望?

J:  新娘們可以期望著獨特的觀感,因為鮮花未必能夠實現到想要的配搭。


  1. How long does it take you to make a paper flower?

J: This is a question I get asked all the time and it’s hard to give a definitive answer as it depends on the type of flower, the size and whether it needs to be hand painted but I’ve spent up to 2 hours on one flower before.

  1. 需要多少時間來製作一朵紙花?

J: 這個是常常被問到的一個問題,但也是個很難回答的問題,因為要視符花的款式和大小,還有需要上色與否,我曾經花上2小時去完成一朵花。


  1. Most creative/elaborate piece so far?

J: I recently completed an order for a black and white arrangement of Camellias. To be honest, when I first started I wasn’t too sure how the arrangement would look but in the end it turned out looking really chic.

More recently I’ve been working on some baubles with flowers inside. I’m really happy with the way they’ve turned out and will be making a limited number for sale.

  1. 有否製作過一些創新的作品?

J: 我剛剛完成了一個黑白色山茶花的配搭。老實說,一開始我也不確定那是否一個好的配搭,直到完成品的誕生,最後出來的效果很時尚!



  1. Was there any occasion where customers had special requests? How did you have to deal with it?

J: I’ve been really lucky in that I’ve had great customers so far who have let me be creative and take the lead in the design which I really appreciate. To date, they have all turned out quite well if I do say so myself!

  1. 有遇過客人的特別要求嗎?那你怎樣解決?

J: 我感到非常幸運,每位客人都相信我,好讓我在設計上自由發揮,他們亦對完成品感到滿意!


  1. What are your future goals for Paper Play Design?

J: To date, I’ve really enjoyed working on custom orders, running workshops and collaborating with leading brands on special events. In the short term, I plan on holding more themed workshops. In the future, I’m really open to seeing where this takes me. I would love to collaborate with like-minded businesses to build a creative community in Hong Kong.

  1. 有為Paper Play design設立未來的目標嗎?

J: 到目前為止,我都很享受製作訂單,開設工作坊和與品牌合作籌備活動。短期來內,我打算設立更多主題性的工作坊,看看會有甚麼的突破。同時希望跟理念相似的組織或公司合作,在本地設立創新的創作群體。

000028310001-copyPhoto credit of portrait: Michellew Photography


Inspired? We hope we have given you more inspirational ideas on how to incorporate paper flowers into your weddings!

Visit Paper Play Design’s website or Instagram to check out more of her creative blooms!


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