Today’s romantic engagement is a dreamy nature-filled escapade inspired by the breathtaking beauty of Cyperport. In it, we see Lilian and Terry in a realm of their own, enjoying one another’s presence amidst the enormity of the great outdoors. Lensed by the talented Vincent Truong, from La French Touch Photography we are able to sense the warm intimacy and companionship that the couple share. Scroll down for more pictures from this awe-inspiring photo shoot!

今天的浪漫作品,靈感來自於數碼港的壯麗美景。在這裡,我們看到了Lilian和Terry,在戶外中投入並享受著彼此的甜密時光。憑藉才華攝影師的 Vincent的鏡頭和取鏡,我們能夠感受到這對夫婦分享的溫暖親密和友誼。日光下的二人身穿輕裝,杏白色調的裝束予人一種舒服閒適的感覺;他們選 擇了帶一點紅調的花球,成功地令畫面更豐富。Vincent的攝影風格非常細膩,對美感有一份執著,攝影時除了著重二人間的互動,也細心地對周遭環境 及拍攝的道具投入情感。

Photography: La French Touch Photography / Make-up : Joman WeddingFlowers : Make Your Choicesss Floral LabCalligraphy : Love Art Letters / Paper : Fabulous Fancy PantsVenue: Cyberport