Here’s a wedding set that’s sure to lighten up your day. We love how Nami and Ivan effortlessly pulled off a wedding that’s modest in scale yet captivating in its simplicity. Bathed in radiant sunlight, Cheric of zOO Weddings managed to capture Nami and Ivan in their pure unadulterated moments of joy and fluttery excitement. The wedding was styled in a timeless and classic manner, with a feast of treasures, trinkets, flowers and personalised memorabilia thrown into the mix. Largely a team effort, the venue decor was beautifully executed by the bride and groom, along with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Judging by the vibrant and flawless setup, one would surely think a professional wedding crafter was involved!

這是一個會令你愉快上一天的婚禮,我們喜歡Nami和Ivan毫不費力地展開一個規模適中但迷人的簡單婚禮。沐浴在陽光下,zOO wedding 設法捕祝他們純粹的喜悅和激情。婚禮以永恆和經典的方式設計,場地裝飾由新娘和新郎精心策劃,連同他們的伴娘和新郎共同完成!從充滿活力和完美的裝飾來看,還以為是由經驗老到的專業婚禮工匠完成的!

Photographer: zOO Wedding / Makeup and hair: Onion Kwong / Bouquet handmade by the bride / Decorations by the bride and groom and their bridesmaids and groomsmen