We are always inspired by honest and heartfelt weddings that would sweep us off our feet. This lovely set of Snowy and William by Mary Ann Art & Photography relives a warm and fuzzy feeling in the heart. With the intimate moments of genuine laughters and tears of joy – it makes one realize the beauty and importance of love and family. To be able to get the blessings of elders, family and friends. They are truly blessed to have a strong and supportive family. Congratulations to this pair of newly wed!

每次看到別人的結婚照都有種莫名其妙的感動,所以今天跟大家分享由Mary Ann Art & Photography為Snowy和William拍攝的結婚照,重溫每一個美好,溫馨的畫面。看到新人與至親都百感交集,作為兒女成家立室,離開痛愛的父母跟另一半渡過下半生,滿懷感激;作為父母為孩子長大成人,找到愛侶而高興,同時帶有不捨之情,當中有笑亦有淚,有感激亦有不捨,氣氛扣人心弦!

Photography: Mary Ann Art & Photography / MUA: Ling Cheung (Bride) & Zita (Groom) / Hair: Nicky Wong (Bride) & Matt Chau (Groom) / Florist: Nexteph Florist / Decor : Simply Grand Design & Production / Sweets: Paul Lafayet / Wedding Gown: Spring Wedding / Man suit: LUXE Tuxedo

Venue: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

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