Some modern day couples would think by incorporating bold, traditional colours in weddings would make the whole outcome look a tad old fashioned. Today, we have Ivy and Alfred to show us how to add bold colours into weddings, yet looking as chic as ever! They chose red in their palette, which was definitely not easy to pull of. Yet, the bold and passionate colours came together so flawlessly.

Having their wedding at Beas River Country Club, everything from gowns, decorations to florals had a good blend between traditional and western elements. We adored how the bold colours stood out so strongly against the greenery. Not to mention, we are in awe of the stunning rustic backdrop MW Wedding Production had put together! We have to thank Belle and Olive for these joyous snaps, scroll down for more! Congratulations to the newly weds, this was more than a celebration of love!

紅色,給人傳統,喜慶的感覺,不過配搭不當的時候則會有點老套,過火。新人Ivy和Alfred在Beas River Country Club的婚禮,由服飾,妝容,擺設到花飾等等都以紅色作主題,但揉合了西方的元素,這個配搭不但給人普天同慶的氣氛,而且有種波希米亞的熱情奔放!

相信都聽過新人在籌備婚禮時都會大吐苦水,的確準備婚禮並不容易,更何況要新人親手製作呢?所以我們非常佩服Ivy和Alfred,因為無論是編織流蘇的木門框,乾花花瓣,花花紋身,蛋糕,歡迎牌和木製的坐位表等等都是他們跟朋友們親自製成的。二人心裹已有婚禮佈置設計上的藍圖,再由MW production為他們實現。

在Belle and Olive的鏡頭下看到害羞的Alfred對著Ivy靦腆的笑容,相信跟當年二人初遇的時候一樣,但今天卻多了一份幸福!今天能夠看這對perfect match,全靠二人的共同朋友向Ivy落力介紹男朋友和當時壞了的電腦,讓開朗的Ivy遇上從事IT的Alfred,電腦被修好的同時發現互相的美,最後更終成眷屬!衷心祝福Ivy和Alfred!

Photographer: Belle and Olive / Gown: My Cup of Tea Bridal / Makeup and hair: Fanny Fong / Bouquet: Sixth Sense Florist / Suit: 852 Tailor House / Decoration: MW Wedding Production / Live band: Groovie Production / Cake: Ivy and friend / Location: Beas River Country Club