What surprises await when two art directors pool their artistic talents to put together the ultimate wedding? We absolutely weren’t disappointed by Agnes and Kenneth’s tastefully designed fete at the Helena May. Accustomed to a daily practice of art directing, designing and shooting, the illustrious pair were true mavericks when it came to DIY and design-related projects. Believe it or not, Agnes and Kenneth designed and conceptualised everything from the stationery and graphics down to the floral arrangements. The old world glamour of the Helena May meshed perfectly with the elegant florals, silver, white and gold accents for a richly layered aesthetic that hearkened back to grander times. We sat down with the two self-styled design wunderkinds to quiz them on their journey and find out just what it takes to achieve a similarly stunning result.

How did the both of you meet? Please share your story!
Our story is actually quite simple! We met one another through our work. Maybe it’s because we are both art directors, we share quite a few common interests, so it doesn’t take long for us to get along with each other.

Why did you pick The Helena May?
We have always wanted an outdoor venue for our wedding ceremony, as we feel nature makes the best backdrop, and of course, the light! The photos must look good when shot in natural light, no matter if it’s sunny or rainy! Having said that, with the unpredictable weather in Hong Kong, the venue we chose had to have an indoor space that could be reserved as a contingency plan. The Helena May fulfilled all our requirements. 

What are the 3 most important factors in a wedding and why?
i) Both of us prefer things to be kept simple, design-wise and plan-wise, we believe things will look good in its simplest form. For the wedding, we wanted to ensure we picked a venue that would cater for everything from the tea ceremony and the wedding ceremony to the cocktail reception and dinner banquet. The Helena May was the perfect venue for us – the tea ceremony was held in the Blue Room, the exchanging of rings and cocktails in the dreamy outdoor garden and the banquet in the Main Lounge. Also, the unique architecture and interiors of The Helena May served as the best wedding decor. Simple yet elegant.

ii) Next on our agenda was to tie down the look and feel – once it’s set, all sourcing will be made easy. The invite design, the venue, the floral arrangements, even the gown and suit choice can adhere to the same feel and aesthetic. From there, everything starts to take shape around the wedding venue, like the number of guests, how the tables can be set and so on. 

iii) The budget! It affects everything.

What are some difficulties you faced while preparing for wedding?
We really had to fight to beat the clock since we made and designed close to everything ourselves, including the invite card design, bouquets, boutonnieres/corsages and the prewedding photo books etc. We spent some weekends going here and there sourcing materials and stayed up late at night designing and DIY-ing. That said, we found it quite enjoyable to work together. We’re like work partners!

Any tips/advice for future couples that are brides and grooms-to-be?
There will be disagreements throughout the process of working together, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we will always look back fondly upon.

You had a lot of DIY projects, why did you think of doing it yourself?
As we are both art directors and we know what we like and don’t like, it becomes natural for us to do it ourselves. At work, we both do art directing, designing, sometimes we will do simple photo shooting and retouching, or even craft as well, so the skills are quite transferrable. And the most important thing before doing all this was to set and to agree on an overall look and feel, so that every item we design will follow a similar style and things will be made easier.

Any tips for couples who wants to do more DIY in their weddings?
Just do more research, there are plenty of sites and social media channels for inspiration. Start from the basics. Practice the skills first, then add the elements you like to make each piece unique 🙂

當兩位藝術總監匯集他們的藝術才華舉辦一場婚禮時,會有什麼驚喜?我們絕對沒有對Agnes和Kenneth在梅夫人婦女會的婚禮感到失望。二人日常工作中 習慣於藝術指導和設計,所有DIY和設計相關項目對他們來就都能輕易架馭。整個婚禮從文具,場地到花卉佈置的一切都由Agnes和Kenneth親自主理。 梅夫人婦女會的舊建築魅力完美地與銀白金色主調的花配合,呈現出豐富多彩的美感,讓整個場地的美態提昇不少。一起看看兩位的籌備過程吧!

你們是如何認識的? 我們的故事實際上很簡單-在我們工作的地方相遇。也許是因為我們同樣是藝術總監,彼此有很多共同興趣,所以我們不需要很長時間的時間相處磨合。 你為什麼選擇梅夫人婦女會? 我們一直想要一個戶外場地為我們的婚禮,因為我們覺得大自然和日光就是最好的背景!無論天氣晴朗還是雨天,拍攝照片都是堅持要自然光。話雖如 此,隨著香港天氣的不可預測,我們選擇的場地必須有一個可以預留作為應變計劃的室內空間。而梅夫人婦女會可以滿足我們的所有要求。

i)把事情簡單化。對於婚禮,我們希望確保我們選擇的場地,可以滿足從斟茶到行禮到雞尾酒會和晚餐宴會的一切。梅夫人婦女會是我們的理想場所 -在藍色的房間斟茶,在夢幻般的戶外花園交換戒指,在主休息室舉行宴會。此外,梅夫人婦女會的獨特建築和內飾也是最好的婚禮裝飾-簡單而優雅。
ii)決定外觀和感覺 。 一旦設定好,所有採購都將變得容易。邀請設計,場地,花卉佈置,連衣裙和西裝選擇都可以堅持同樣的感覺和美感。婚


在整個合作過程中將會有分歧,但它是一生一世的經歷。 如果你有很多DIY項目,你要提醒自己為什麼想自己做這個? 由於我們是藝術總監,我們知道自己喜歡什麼,不喜歡什麼,我們會把工作中的技巧應用,例如做簡單的照片拍攝和修飾,甚至手工。最重要的是做好所有這些工作之前,要設定好一致的外觀和感覺,然後每個項目都將遵循類似的風格,事情便會變得更加容易。


Photography: Moments and You / Videography: BOZZ Wedding / Hair and Makeup: Mrs. Praise’s Makeup / Wedding gown: Miss Bride Wedding Shop / Art direction, graphic design, flower arrangements: agke / Balloons: Party City Hong Kong

Watch the video of the full spectacle here!