Hong Kong’s stunning natural landscapes and Binc Photography’s luminous photography combine to produce the breathtaking imagery before us. Awash with bright light and verdant greenery, it’s hard to believe that every single shot was taken right here in Hong Kong! The couple braved 30 plus degree weather and swarming mosquitoes to nail these beautiful shots taken at familiar landmarks such as The Peak, Soho in Sheung Wan and South Bay. Though they felt weather beaten and sweaty, the couple kept up their bright smiles throughout. Denice from Binc Photography managed to capture the couple’s affectionate gestures in a way that appeared both timeless and endearing. Thanks to the couple, we received a beautiful reminder that love grows stronger where it is watered.

香港令人驚嘆的自然景觀和Binc Photography的攝影結合,眼前充滿了明亮的光線和青翠的綠色植物,很難相信每一個鏡頭都在香港拍攝!這對夫婦在30多度的天氣和群集蚊子的夏天,在熟悉的地標,如山頂,

但保持了他們明亮的微笑。 Denice-Binc Photography的攝影師設法捕捉夫婦的深情和樂觀的相處方式。感謝這對夫婦帶給我們一個美麗的提醒,讓愛情變得更堅固的方法就是,每天給予養份。


Photography: Binc Photography / Makeup: Ling Fung of MakeupGU