A Pas de deux may not be the first thing that pops into our head when we think of the ideal pre-wedding theme but this beautiful set by Matter Photography proves us deadly mistaken! The couple – Angel and Michael – showcase effortless fluidity and grace – displaying beautiful, flowing lines and synchronicity in their craft. Ballet can largely be seen as a metaphor for the couple’s journey – where each small step and brave leap takes perseverance and practice.  Love is often not a stroke of luck, fate or coincidence, but rather a choice that requires continuous commitment. Angel and Michael exemplify that. They support each other on the pathway towards their dreams and inspire each other to do better.
Scroll down for a closer look at the couple’s story!

當我們想到理想Pre-wedding的主題時,情侶芭蕾舞可能不會成為我們腦海中的第一選擇,但Matter Photography證明了我們致命的錯誤!這對情侶 – Angel和Michael展現出毫不費力的流動性和優雅 – 他們的展現出美麗,流暢的線條和同步性。芭蕾舞可以在很大程度上被看作是這對夫妻旅程的隱喻 – 每一個小小的步驟和勇敢的飛躍都需要堅持和實踐。愛往往不是運氣,命運或巧合,而是一種需要持續承諾的選擇。


Photography: Matt Yiu of Matter Photography / Hair &  Makeup: Sandy Wong (by MerryMarry) / Venue: Dancer Brilliant / Ballet Shoes: Gaynor Minden