There’s beauty to be found in simplicity and this pre wedding session on the island of Tap Mun surely made us long for an outdoor adventure. Jamie Ousby Photography documented the couple’s exploration through the craggy coastlines and windswept plains of Tap Mun, or Grass Island. Taking a boat from Sai Kung Country Park out across the bay to Grass Island, they headed straight for the beautiful shore where Jamie captured some great shots of Danny and Hazel enjoying the boundless view. As the day waned, the sun cast a beautiful golden glow on everything it touched, flooding the landscape with an unearthly light.

在塔門進行的攝影帶給我們一種白單的快樂。Jamie Ousby Photography記錄了這對夫婦在崎嶇的海岸線和遼闊的風景中的探險。他們從西貢郊野公園穿過


Photography: Jamie Ousby Photography