Somewhere in the middle of the woods, we have here a dark, mysterious woodland portrait session by Heather Photography. A bride sitting in a black lace dress beneath a full grown oak tree, surrounded by flowers, shrubs, moss and rustic accents. With heavy influence of deep burgundies to compliment the table setting. Not to mention, we have starring a black furry friend that brought the whole shoot to live.

Centered amongst the lush greenery, the decorated table was covered with a moss runner, brass candle sticks, vintage wine glasses and fruits. Perfectly paired lush flowers and locally foraged greenery with vintage silverware were adorned with a beautifully calligraphed letter and place cards. The subtle use of the burgundy colour palette gave a haunting yet mysterious elegance touch to it. The whole scene was captured as the sun slowly disappeared into the west.

在森林的中央有一個黑暗而神秘的林地,正在進行由Heather Photography主理的拍攝。身穿黑色禮裙的新娘坐在一棵充滿生命力的橡樹下,被花,灌木 ,苔蘚包圍,期間更出現了一位毛茸茸的朋友,令整個拍攝神秘而有生氣。拍攝以鬱鬱蔥蔥的綠樹為中心,裝飾的桌子上覆蓋著苔蘚,黃銅蠟燭,老式酒 杯和水果。花朵和綠色植物與復古的銀器裝飾完美配對。所有顏色配搭產生了一個令人難以置信,神秘而優雅的感覺。

Photography: Heather Photography / Make up & Hair styling: Xing maQuillage / Flower & Decoration : Angelica Fleurs / Calligraphy: The Script Atelier