Wedfolks and Pier94 Bridal decided to come together to inspire women in Hong Kong to have more self confidence in themselves. We believe to be empowered by your own voice and style is uniquely important. We would like to encourage brides-to-be to fully comfortable in their own skin – especially when it comes to picking out their wedding dress. We love to see brides that radiate confidence on their big day, what’s more attractive than that?

Our goal is to find the beauty that belongs to you (every single one of you). Every lady has a trait that is interesting in it’s own way. It does not have to be visible from the outside, it could be a personality or vibe. We would like to portray ladies in their most beautiful and natural state. We know many brides that would go through tons of research of wedding trends in the current season. References from wedding shoots, locations to gowns. And it is very common where brides find themselves stuck in the rut, the the midst of a whole album of references image, not knowing what to do with it all.


What do you look for when picking out gowns? We figured, the best way is to be yourself, to be confident from inside out. This project is a campaign where we invited five ladies from a casting call we did a few months back – with ladies of different styles like Minimalist, Bohemian, Feminine, Sensual and Fashionista. We allowed them to be themselves, to be in their own skin to be able to show the best of themselves. From the casting call, we did an interview and got to understand them better, regarding their preferences, thoughts and ideas, lifestyle and habits. We took awhile to get to know them better before we proceed to pick out gowns from Pier94 Bridal that we thought would suit them best, in terms of style and personality.

Pier94 Bridal is a concept wedding shop that is all about inspiring brides to be to wear their own personal character and style. They source from the creative pool of bridal designers from New Year Bridal Week and bring only the best back to Hong Kong. They carry an extensive range of styles and designs, definitely for brides that are looking for something clean and contemporary!

In addition to this shoot, we have onboard Anthony and Shawn Photography, Wonderwall Videographic, Karrie Yum Makeup Artist and Elska Floral Studio. Let’s find which style you like best!

每一位女生都有一種讓人牢牢記着的特質,這種特質未必外表可以看見,可以是性格,可以是予人的感覺。婚紗除了可以讓你在婚禮日子更引人注目外,更應該要同時要能表現你獨一無二的氣質。Wedfolks 和 Pier94 Bridal 決定一同實踐 Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful 企劃,準新娘通常會看很多當季的婚禮潮流,從婚紗款式,拍攝方法,妝容上都取得很多參考,很常會發生一種情況就是不斷尋找最終還是難以決定,但我們相信最佳的方法就是做回自己,從內到外散發一致而自信的美麗。

幾個月前我們為這個企劃在網上招募了五位不同特質的女生,包括簡約(Minimalist) 、隨性(Bohemian) 、柔美 (Feminine) 、迷人(Sensual)和時尚 (Fashionista)讓Pier 94 Bridal和她們一起挑選最適合自己的婚紗造型。Pier94 Bridal是一間旨在激發每一位新娘的個性和風格的婚紗店, 他們在將外國頂尖設計師婚紗帶回香港, 有廣泛的款式和設計,絕對可以滿足不同風格的女生。從招募階段開始,Pier94 Bridal和五位女生一同開展尋找的旅程,從生活喜好,言談舉止著手,再了解每一位的內心世界和想法,找出每一位的特點,再挑選合適的婚紗。

這次企劃除了 Pier94 Bridal外,更連同Anthony and Shawn Photography ,Wonderwall VideographicKarrie Yum Makeup Artist 和Elska Floral Studio 將五種不同的婚紗造型呈現於大家眼前,希望能帶給大家更多靈感。你準備好尋找屬於你的婚紗了嗎?


Minimalist - 簡約

Pui Yi, one that likes the simple and minimal style. The clean cut highlights the lines and the gorgeous lace detail at the back. We loved the intricate back detail, adding more charisma to the gown. With a clever touch from Anthony & Shawn, the use of clear water and a white drappy cloth added a sense of purity and modern taste. Not to mention the clean and fresh makeup by Karrie Yum and Elska Floral Studio’s strong cotton gave her a soft and poetic personality.

The simplicity of a minimal wedding dress highlights extraordinary craftsmanship and showcases your figure in a way that is subtly sexy, to boot. Speaking of which, going for a simple wedding dress doesn’t mean you’re restricted to body-skimming columns or mermaid silhouettes. The simple and minimal effect is achieved through structured fabrics and pristine design that reads clean, elegant, and impactful.

喜歡簡約風格的Pui Yi 選擇了Pier 94 Bridal 這條簡潔剪裁,突顯乾淨利落身形線條的婚紗,細節集中在背部,中空背部讓蕾絲更突出成為整條婚紗的焦點,簡約得來不失細節。Anthony & Shawn 拍攝時巧妙地用水和撥動中的布增加澄淨感, 配上Karrie Yum make up 設計以乾淨透亮為主的妝容,Elska Floral Studio 用整株棉花強而有力地代表簡約風。


Bohemian - 隨性

Abbi is one of those that loves the sun. We picked out a gown of a nude colour. Abbi wore this stunning piece that is fresh off the runway with multidimensional floral embroidery, the impeccable embroidery allows the the petals to become alive – bringing us to a moment which reminds us of flowers that has fallen on the ground while walking along the beach. It stood out gracefully against her healthy looking sun kissed skin. Loving this dainty and feminine touch! Compared to the other ladies with more complex hairstyles, makeup artist Karrie decided to go with a va-va-volume and gentle waves for her hair and focus more on the makeup for her radiant bronzed skin tone!

喜歡戶外活動比較隨性自由的女生通常擁有較黝黑的膚色,選擇帶點裸色的婚紗會較自然。正如Abbi 身穿Pier 94 Bridal 的這條婚紗。背部的繡花在祼色紗下更突出,裙擺上的繡花有如在海邊散步之際花朵落在身上的感覺。相較於其他複雜的髮型,化妝師Karrie 為Abbi 設計了自然微捲髮型,妝容上以亮澤為重點。擁有健康膚色的女生不用再害怕穿上婚紗,也不用再想盡辦法美白了吧,做回最自然的你。



Sensual - 迷人

With Emily, we went for the elegant and glamorous look. Why choose between classy and sexy when you can achieve both at the same time? Her figure hugging gown with a plunging neckline with fishtail train highlighted her curvaceous figure. The intricate beadwork added a feminine touch to her outlook, with the bright and bold red lips, it portrays a strong and independent lady. Definitely a gown that can take your breath away!

Emily 予人感覺舉止優雅而想法堅定,獨立的她非常迷人。當你可以同時實現了優雅和性感兩者時,為什麼還要選其一?貼身魚尾婚紗突出了她曲線美的身材。深V的設計和複雜的珠飾為她增添了女性化的觸感,Karrie Yum Makeup 用明亮而大膽的紅唇,帶有紅調的眼妝和整齊貼服的髮型描繪出一位堅強而獨立的女生。 以紅調為主的拍攝氛圍和Elska Floral Studio 準備的花材讓鏡頭下的Emily更令人屏息靜氣。



Feminine 柔美

Sweet and playful girls have this attractive characteristic. Donning Pier94’s laced back with a cute peek-a-boo back detail, it feels light and less formal with the tulle, channeling the inner ballerina look with the messy bun. The long sleeves with sequins and beads is perfect for a bride with a dazzling personality! It offers a classic and timeless. It adds a flirtatious finish, and it’s a beautiful contrast with Elska Floral Studio’s Anthurium flower!

柔美女生總有一個特點, 這是笑起來很燦爛很吸引也讓人很舒服。穿上Pier 94的長袖蕾絲露背婚紗的Fish,感覺很舒適自在。下擺散開的紗裙增添一份可愛和輕盈感覺。Elska Floral Studio 準備的粉掌剛好和柔美感形成對比。

Fashionista - 時尚

Fashion forward girls have a touch of edginess that we cannot resist. We all want to know how to translate that chic and edgy style into a wedding gown. One way was to match it with bold and chunky accessories, together with bright coloured nails. If you think lace comes across as too soft and romantic, a good option would be satin. It feels stronger and holds up well. Veronica donned a stunning edgy white blazer with bold earrings, a chic touch to the whole wedding gown look – for those who would like to make a fashion statement at the altar.

時尚女生帶點型格,如何在穿婚紗的時候都能帶出時尚感,可以嘗試配搭的時尚配件。如果略嫌紗質和蕾絲太輕盈可愛,可以考慮綢緞質地的禮服。Veronica 示範了在婚紗外配上白色西裝外套和誇張的耳環,將Pier 94 的婚紗同時變成了時尚單品。


We have seen five ladies each portraying different styles of wedding dresses. Which style do you think you like most? And from there, we hope you will be able to find your own you too!

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful, find the beauty that belongs to you. 

看過五位女生各自演繹不同風格的婚紗造型,你又屬於那個風格呢?Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful


Publisher: Wedfolks / Gown: Pier94 Bridal / Photography: Anthony and Shawn Photography /Videography: Wonderwall Videographic / MUA: Karrie Yum Makeup Artist / Florist: Elska Floral Studio / Location: The Aisle