We are so stoked to be able to share this shoot with everyone! Studio Oak shot Anna and Olivier’s engagement wedding shoot entirely at the back alley of Sheung Wan. The images are timeless and effortless at the same time, the beauty of the back alley was portrayed with the use of the cats, pots of plants, the stone benches and the old stained walls.  We also adored how chic Anna looked with her short hair! This set of photos had a tinge of vintage elegance with a timeless, classic touch. The vintage gown definitely adds to the ‘70s romance. Get ready to take a journey back in time and be inspired by a ‘70s theme! 

“Anna and Olivier were such a sweet couple. Olivier is always very thoughtful and works hard for their future. He often works overtime so they can enjoy a nice wedding and beautiful home. Anna says that he often spoils her and showers her with lots of love. On the day of shooting, he had just got off from work. Throughout the shoot, what struck me most was seeing how thoughtful Olivier was. He knows the weather was warm and Anna was sweating in the sweltering heat. In his pocket, he kept a small towel, constantly dabbing the sweat off her face, to prevent the makeup from smudging. It was just a simple gesture, but it meant so much.” – Studio Oak.

實在急不及待要跟大家分享Studio Oak為Anna和Oliver的婚紗照,由準新人的妝容,服裝,配件到場地背景,整輯相片風格復古優雅,再加上柔和的光感,有一種微妙濃郁的氣氛,兩人像從電影中的人物一樣。

本人極度鐘愛Anna所穿的復古婚紗, 窄口手袖和胸前一排鈕扣令整體更顯細緻。Studio Oak透露,拍攝過程中Oliver常常細心地為Anna抹汗,怕她的妝容溶掉,真的很窩心呢!

「Anna說Oliver常常寵她愛護她, 為了給她一個很好的婚禮和家, 即使工作加班也在所不辭, 拍攝當天Oliver就是剛下班趕來的。整個拍攝過程讓我最深刻是 Oliver常常留意著Anna會否因汗水而弄花妝容 說她很容易流汗 細心地拿出早已放在口袋裡備用的紙巾 不時替她抹汗 這都是滿滿的愛 」—Studio Oak

Pre -Wedding Photographer & Pre-Wedding Makeup: Studio Oak

Wedding Bridal gown: Alisha & Lace HK

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