For couples who are planning your destination wedding, one key aspect is to look as amazing and breathtaking as the venue! Today we have this article that covers options to think about for your ideal destination wedding makeup look.

對於正在籌劃您的海外婚禮的夫婦來說,有個關鍵是如何令自己當天看起來像場地一樣令人驚嘆和驚人!今天,我們有這篇文章,涵蓋了您選擇海外婚禮妝容應該有哪些注意的地方,看看She Make up 的意見吧!


Travel with your makeup artist

Flying out a makeup artist will be costly since you will need to cover his/her flight, accommodation, and some other extra charges required. However, since you’re going to spend a day or two with the person who does your makeup and hair styling on the day of your wedding, it is important that this person understands the look you’re going for and is also someone you get along with. Arrange a trial session to ensure you are completely happy with your look ahead of the day. You also want to ensure they have plenty of experience in bridal makeup. Especially if you’ll be in different climates such as out under the sun all day, they need to ensure that the correct type of makeup is used.



Find a local makeup artist

The absolute best way to find the right local makeup artist for your destination wedding is to ask around for recommendations: friends, relatives, and of course your wedding planner who can recommend makeup artists they work with regularly. Make sure you have at least three options and review their portfolio of work. If possible, spend a couple of hours before your big day to get makeup trials done and see which artist is your best fit. If this isn’t possible, be absolutely clear on the style of makeup you would like, including bringing in references of your preferred makeup look. Hiring a local makeup artist sounds easy, however, some feedback we get is that the styling does not match with the personal preference. If you want to be perfect on your wedding day, invest some time with trials.





Private Makeup Lessons

Take a few private makeup lessons before your destination wedding so that you can do your own makeup and understand which products work best for you. We know a lot of makeup artists that actually cater to brides to be and they are very popular. Find a makeup artist who is experienced in bridal makeup and various weather conditions – lighting conditions and makeup for professional photography. Hire him/her to help you achieve your desired wedding day look. Ask them to recommend the right products (skin care and makeup) for your skin based on the weather conditions of the country you will be getting married in. Practice your look before you leave so that you are confident in achieving the look you desire. In almost all cases, less is more. Keep the techniques simple to create timeless beauty. After all, the brush is in your hands!




Final Tip:

Do arrive a few days before the wedding to ensure you feel refresh and relaxed for the big day, giving your skin time to adjust to the travelling and climate change to prevent any breakouts on the wedding day. It will also give you a chance to sort out any last minute wedding issues!





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