Many of you would have heard of the popular Korean brand, BRIDE AND YOU – that exclusively custom made wedding shoes and dresses. The brand is now in Hong Kong and brides in Hong Kong are in for a treat! Brides who love simple and minimal cuts with comfort should visit their shop in Causeway Bay.  Today, we interviewed the Korean designers behind BRIDE AND YOU !

相信很多人都聽說過在韓國大熱的品牌Bride and You – 這個專門定制婚紗,婚鞋的品牌近年進駐香港,喜歡簡單舒適的新娘們應該去銅鑼灣的旗艦店欣賞一下她們的高級設計!今天,我們Bride and You 品牌背後的韓國設計師作訪談,認識 BRIDE AND YOU Hong Kong!

Photo credit: La French Touch Photography


1.How did BRIDE AND YOU come about? 

When I was preparing for my own wedding in 2010, I could find everything that I needed but it was really difficult to get information about wedding shoes. There were luxury designer brands,  but there was not a company in Hong Kong that exclusively produced wedding shoes. So I decided to start a wedding shoes business in Korea.

1.BRIDE AND YOU 品牌背後的故事是什麼?



Photo credit: La French Touch Photography


2.If you could describe BRIDE AND YOU Hong Kong’s core values with three adjectives, what would it be? 

Classic, Practical and Trendy.





Photo credit: La French Touch Photography


3. BRIDE AND YOU Hong Kong is well known for handmade weddings shoes, what are some unique aspects the designers pay attention to?  

Our designers focus on materials, colours and practicality. Leather is a more practical material than silk or satin but the quality of natural leather makes it too matte – so champagne gold, light pink, and grey colour leather feels different from wedding dress colors like off white, pale ivory, blush and pale blue. Colour mixed with pearl ivory and grey works very well on cowhide and go with other various dress colors. I often incorporate pearls to designs, like our ANITA which is easy to style with various colors and dresses and 80% of Bride and You lookbook was featured with ANITA. 


3.BRIDE AND YOU 以手工婚鞋而聞名,設計師在婚鞋上最注重那方面的考量?或有那些獨特之處?

我們的設計師著用於材料,顏色運用和實用性。皮革是比絲綢或緞子更實用的材料,但天然皮革的質量使它太無光澤 – 所以皮革的香檳金,淡粉色和灰色皮革與婚紗的顏色不同,看上去就如白色,蒼白象牙色,腮紅和淡藍色。利用珍珠象牙和灰色混合的顏色在牛皮上效果很好,並可與其他各種顏色的裙子搭配使用。我經常將珍珠加入設計中,就像我們的ANITA一樣,它很容易搭配各種顏色和衣服。而Bride and You 的婚紗商品照中有80%是用ANITA作配搭。



4.When picking out a wedding gown, what would you suggest to the brides?  

Time, place and occasion (TPO) are key factors when we suggest styling for brides. We consider various factors such as season, weather, place or if the wedding is in the morning or evening. For example, if wedding is held outdoors, on a pitch of grass – then we would not suggest long wedding dress because it is challenging to handle the dress. So, we’ll often pick out a something that would not hinder the bride.


4. BRIDE AND YOU Hong Kong 的婚紗系列以輕婚紗為主,女生在挑選合適婚紗時,有什麼建議?(身材?款式?顏色?)

時間,地點和場合(TPO)是我們建議新娘造型的關鍵因素。我們考慮各種因素,例如季節,天氣,地點或婚禮是在早上還是晚上。例如,如果婚禮是在室外舉行,在草地上舉行 – 那麼我們不會建議長婚紗,因為處理這件禮服非常具有挑戰性。所以,我們經常挑選一些不會妨礙新娘的東西。



5.What are your thoughts/views on current or upcoming wedding trends? 

I think medium-length dresses are easy to pull off and it’ll continue to be popular amongst brides to be. More so than the traditional wedding gowns with a long train. 


5. 對於現時/來年婚紗潮流的看法和建議。



6. What is up and coming with withBRIDE AND YOU? Could you tell us more about it?

We release three collections every year. Regardless of the seasons, we have 2 regular collections in a year (1 for every 6 months) and 1 extra ready-to-wear collection. We will continually design our own unique style dresses and we are planning to open flagship store in Vietnam and Indonesia. So, stay tuned!

6. 即將會有新collection推出嗎?可以介紹一下嗎?今年BRIDE AND YOU 會以甚麼元素做主打?

我們每年會發佈三個系列。我們每年都會有兩個常規系列(每6個月推出一次)以及一個額外的成衣系列。我們將不斷設計自己獨特風格的禮服,併計劃在越南和印尼開設旗艦店。所以,請繼續關注Bride and You!





Address: 8/F The Sharp , Sharp Street East , Causeway Bay
Tel: + 852 2314 1314