“Love has no boundaries, culture or religion.”  Gaby andFabrizio are a couple from America and they decided to have their wedding halfway across the world in Hong Kong, where Gaby grew up in.

They started the day like other Chinese traditional wedding, where they had the tea ceremony. In the Chinese culture, serving tea to the elders is a form of respect and blessing. Seeing the loving couple in the Chinese traditional outfit, serving tea to their elders, opting for the “Gate crash” says a lot about love. 

They held the ceremony at Island Shangri-La to have all their guests celebrate their precious moments together. With the magnificent backdrop of the harbour view of Hong Kong, looking over the gorgeous skyline of Hong Kong. It is definitely another reason to celebrate this joyous occasion.

“愛無分國界,文化,信仰。”當兩個不同文化背景的人走在一起,就需要接受對方的不同,互相磨合。Gaby和Fabrizio是來自美國的情侶,他們選擇在Gaby長大的地方-香港舉行婚禮。他倆雖曾在外國生活一段時間,又非常習慣於外國禮儀,但選擇以傳統的中國婚禮儀式開始他們共諧連理的日子。Gaby穿上中式結婚禮服斟茶給長輩,以表示尊敬及接受長輩的祝福;Fabrizio接新娘前要先通過姊妹們設定的搶新娘環節。看起來好有趣,但其實背後是考驗一下新郎夠不夠誠意把新娘子娶回去! 他們在港島香格里拉酒店舉行婚禮,背景可以看到維多利亞港,好讓嘉賓們在壯麗的環境下見證他們的重要時刻。

Photography: Jeremy Wong / Make up : Anna Ar Yu / Lighting & Assist:  Tom Yu H Cheng / Location : Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong

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