Haven’t we all heard about the seven-year itch? Also known as the seven year curse for romantic relationships. Be it a curse or a myth, Wendy and Lap Ming have proved that love always wins! They have passed the 7 year mark, in fact, they are already at 10! So, numbers clearly does not affect them.

We are so excited to share this wedding shot by Feel in the Blank, capturing this heartwarming and inspiring wedding. Wendy and Lap Ming had a creative touch of traditional chinese elements into their wedding, which made it exclusively special. We absolutely adored how they had a traditional wedding scrapbook, embroidered in red cloth. How very auspicious! But our favourite part of their creative touch has got to be their customized beer bottles! Every groomsman has a bottle with their face printed on it, what a good gift for your brothers! We are glad to see couples making so much effort to get these personalized details done. Cookie cutter wedding no more! Congratulations to this lovely duo, as your lives become filled with shared joys!


在Feel in the Blank細膩的鏡頭下捕捉到Wendy和LapMing的婚禮中有不少有趣,溫馨的場面。當中亦看到二人的婚禮有很多時尚創新,但又帶有傳統的元素,例如以傳統的繡花布作婚禮簽名簿,印有個人頭像的啤酒瓶作兄弟幫的象徵等等,都能夠觸動各位籌備婚禮的靈感!

Photographer: Feel in the Blank / Videography: OR image / Makeup & hair artist: Joe Wong / Florist: OVO Garden & Hahaha Florist / Decor: (by the friends of Wendy & LapMing) / Wedding Gown / Evening dress: Ubeda by Rosa Clara & Aire barcelona / Qua & Embroidered signing cloth: 永隆繡莊 /  Embroidered scarf: Fassil / Man suit: Gary & Joe(1f, Beverley Comi Centre, 87-105, Chatham Road ,Tsim Sha Tsui)  & Paul Smith / Bridesmaid dress: La Reve / Custom made beer:  The Artist

Locations:  Island Shangri-La (Tea ceremony in suites, wedding ceremony and cocktail at the Library, lunch banquet at the Atrium) & The Ovolo Southside

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Jan de Hollandking

Jan de Hollandking

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