Allow us to introduce Iris, the lady behind Studio Oak. She sends her blessings to all newlyweds, “Marriage is a new beginning of life, hopefully through my lens, every pair of newlyweds will stay together.” The name Studio Oak tells us a lot about the photographer. She is someone who has dedication and an eye for details. To Iris, Oak is a type of wood that is essential for brewing fine wine. And each type of oak can only be loyal to a particular wine. So that is how Studio Oak came about.One adjective to describe her would be “Courageous”, because she decided to give up her job from being a visual merchandiser, then a florist, and thus decided to venture into an unknown field, becoming a full-time photographer.

「愛是恆久忍耐。」這一句被寫在Studio Oak 的名字下;是攝影師Iris對新人的祝福。
結婚是人生的新開始,希望在我鏡頭下的每對新人都能長相廝守。從Studio Oak 的名字上,看得出這位攝影師有一份對細節的執著,橡木(Oak) 是釀製上佳葡萄酒必備的木,而且每個橡木桶只能效忠於一種葡萄酒,顯然地她決定走出一條獨一無二的路。「勇敢」是我對攝影師Iris投放的第一個形容詞,因為她毅然放棄原本工作,從視覺陳列師到花藝師,到走進一個未知的領域,決定執起相機,成為全職攝影師。

Ronnie and Mark got to know Studio Oak from a friend, after seeing her works on the Internet. They knew they had found what they were looking for. Iris is not just a visual storyteller, but also brings out the most from each couple, integrating into the story. You could see her thoughts from how she frames each of her different series.

Ronnie和Mark從朋友介紹下認識到Studio Oak,從網上看過她的作品後便認定Iris是他倆一直尋找的攝影師。Iris不只是一個用照片說故事的人,更擅長找出每對情侶最大的特點再將它融入於故事之中,每一輯照片都看得出她背後所花的心思。

Getting to the boathouse was a three-hour drive. Mark was responsible for driving everyone there. Ronnie and Iris helped with navigation. It was a relaxed and causal atmosphere, with laughter throughout. “Iris was more than just a photographer, she was our tour guide, playmate and stylist. She is very spontaneous, for example, we were on the road and we saw cherry blossoms, she suggested we get off and did some impromptu shooting. We like how it just happened like that, not all photographers are willing to do so.

要前往船屋必須經過三小時車程才到達,Mark 負責開車,Ronnie和Iris負責看地圖,車上有說有笑,漫延著輕鬆愉快的氣氛。「Iris除了是攝影師,她更是我們旅程中導遊和玩伴,把所有細節都貼心地安排好,感覺像和朋友出遊一樣;而且她對所有不穩定因素都抱開放的態度,例如我們看見路上的櫻花盛開便即興下車來一個隨拍,相信不是所有攝影師都這樣隨性。」



“Iris is very meticulous throughout the whole process, from clothing, to modeling to location…she would always help by giving her most sincere and professional advice. For example, we were shooting in Tokyo, the location of the boathouse and art museum was recommended by her. We felt these two locations were completely in line with our character and preferences, exactly what we wanted. She does a good amount of informative research of location, with beautiful images of the scenery and she’s not afraid of travelling for a long amount of time.

Journey to the boat house was at least a 3 hour drive, but it was definitely worthwhile. She also took time out to accompany me to try on the wedding gowns, this should not be her scope of work, but Iris would pay attention to these details.” Ronnie and Mark describe Iris as not just being a photographer, but an artist. She attaches great importance to every detail on screen, so she will put in more time in searching for beautiful shooting locations that were not overly used, to explore and create the story of a new couple.


If you’re looking for a photographer who is able to give you an unique experience with a personal touch. We believe Studio Oak would be a good choice for you and your significant other. You can view more about Studio Oak on their Facebook and Instagram.

如果你希望找到一個為你度身訂造獨一無二婚照的攝影師,我相信Studio Oak會是一個不錯的選擇。Iris 本身喜愛旅遊,經歷過多次的遊歷,能夠成為你們的旅程中的指南針,除了本地更能帶你們走到世界各地與愛人留下倩影,如果你希望度身訂造一個專屬於你們的婚攝,不妨聯絡 。你也可以在 Facebook 和 Instagram看到更多Studio Oak的作品。