“Once in awhile, in the midst of an ordinary life, love surprises us with a fairytale.” It is every girl’s dream of a fairytale wedding and Jan Tong magically brought it to life! We absolutely love the hints of rustic elegance and mystery from this gorgeous set.

“在平凡的日常生活中 ,愛會時不時帶給我們一個童話。”每個女生都幻想過自己是童話故事中的女主角,而 Jan Tong 可以為女生們的夢想成真 ! 在他細膩的鏡頭下,新娘流露對婚姻的期盼和憧憬。

Photography : Jan T. / MUA : Christina Nana SoupFlorist : Takk Blomster

Location : Lions Nature Education Centre, Hong Kong

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