Violet and Francis’s dreamy engagement session shows off the understated beauty of Hong Kong’s undiscovered natural greenery. Looking breathtaking in a delicate crochet gown, Violet’s outfit and styling oozed bohemian charm and whimsy. The couple took Mo Kit of Momo de Film along with them on their journey, where they waded through overgrown fields and snuggled close at the foot of a grand waterfall. We ‘re completely in love with the sense of adventure and wild abandon woven within these photos!

Violet 和 Francis 的婚照時夢幻和寫實的結合。浪漫的氛圍浪漫的氛圍帶人進入一種放鬆的景象,取景的地點反映香港的美麗。這對新人沒有預備華麗的道具,只是穿上一身波希米亞風的服裝,帶上一札鮮花便在原野中,山澗間,海灘上開展一段旅程。


Photography: Mo Kot of Momo de Film  / Makeup:  Sur Chow of Momo de Film Styling / Bouquet & Wedding Gown:  Momo de Film / Groom’s Suit: Groom’s own / Location: Waterfall Bay