Get ready for some spectacular views and quieting moments in this destination engagement session! Sandy and Kerwin’s destination engagement takes us through great open fields, rolling sand dunes and majestic lakes. Gary of Tikit Production captured this destination engagement beautifully, perfectly portraying the serenity of nature together with the couple’s tenderness and warmth.
Arriving at the peak of the sandhill, hundreds of feet above ground, the pair were treated to a bird’s eye view of the ocean, its horizontal sea line fading into infinity. Together they traversed Kyoto’s scenic wonders, luxuriating in the ephemeral beauty of the cherry blossoms and the tranquil waters of Lake Biwa.
砂丘上的足印,尤如印証了一對對新人走過多少的路,Tikit production 與Sandy & Kerwin 一起經歷這旅程,最後到達沙丘的最高點,俯瞰着一個非一般的水平線,日落的映照下,相擁着,最後來到琵琶湖。最有趣的是,我們為了一張相,找一棵湖邊沒有名字樹、走著走著心計算著日落前到找到,到歹日之時終於在眼前出現,這應該是一種緣吧。

Photography: Gary from Tikit Production / Makeup: Kitty from KC Makeup & Hairstyling / Florist: J’adore les fleurs / Location: Tottori Sand Dunes and Lake Biwa