There is something about a desert engagement that is just awe-inspiring. The desert is synonymous with exoticism and adventure and the milky desert lands of Dubai provide a beautiful canvas for tales of romance and mystery to unfold. The simple wardrobe and styling was a good call since it didn’t distract from the beautiful desert views all around. Thanks to Mary Ann’s photography finesse, we felt completely immersed in the moment!

沒有想像過在沙漠進行你的婚照拍攝?此舉絕對會讓人驚嘆不已。沙漠是異國情調和冒險的代名詞,迪拜的乳白色沙漠地帶為浪漫和神秘的故事蓋上了一層美麗的紗。他們在做造型上妙用簡單的線條和衣飾陪襯沙漠那荒蕪和一望無際的特點。不如一起跟Mary Ann Art & Photography 漫遊迪拜吧。

Photography: Mary Ann Art & Photography / Hair and Make Up: Euthy Wong Makeup.Fever / Silk flower bouquet: Bunny Garden