“Shooting a friend’s wedding was one of the best gifts I could have gave them. Watching them grow together as a couple, and then walking down the aisle together, I give them my heartfelt blessings. Instead of attending their wedding, I decided to use this great opportunity to capture the beautiful moments with my lens, as a gift for an everlasting memory. I did attend the wedding, just as a different identity.” – Matt Yiu

What is more sentimental than shooting for your friend’s wedding? To be able to witness the happiness for the couple, and yet able to preserve the the magical moment.

Like a full day traditional chinese wedding, Crystal and Dennis had to go through the traditions of picking up the bride, following by the tea ceremony, offering tea to their elders as a form of respect. Not to mention, there was also a gate crash – this is the time where the ever so supportive groomsmen go all out to show what they have got.

Over at the Hyatt Regency at Sha Tin, we are loving the decorations, especially the sweets table. Where instax of them were part of the decoration and the cute cake toppers! And of course, the grand march in the open garden looking right over the calming mountain views where they exchanged their vows and speeches, sending the guest to tears of happiness. Such a joyous occasion, the party lasted all the way till the night.



有人問,我本是坐上客,可參與當中看成長片段、感言致謝及敬酒祝福等重要場面,如替朋友拍照四處走動,連坐下吃東西的機會也不多,不是會錯過了嗎?我說我只是用另一個身份參與其中,用鏡頭將這一切美好的記憶留下,再把這些美好送上,這才是我最真誠的祝福。 ”-Matter Photography


Crystal 和Dennis的婚禮跟傳統的中式婚禮一樣,當然不少得接新娘和斟茶儀式。當中在接新娘環節裏看到新郎和兄弟們滿臉芝麻,意味著一經締結婚約,便要守信不渝,絕無反悔。遊戲看似滑稽,但其實背後都別有用心!

我們好喜歡Crystal 和Dennis行禮的地方–沙田的Hyatt Regency,當中有不少精緻的擺設, 甜點的部分尤其吸引! 而且有綠油油的園子和山景,在這個環境下交換誓言,跟重要的人分享美好時刻,感覺氣氛特別好!


Photographer: Matt Yiu@Matter Photography / MUA:Kiko Li Make up / Wedding Gown: Perfect Couple天作之合 / Venue Decor:Party Holic / Bouquet: Green House / Venue (afternoon ceremony) : Hyatt Regency@ Sha Tin / Venue (banquet) : Palace-Rest@ The ONE