Aspired to simplicity and fascinated by surprises beyond plan, our common characters defined the pitch of our story through the lens, complimenting by outfit and bouquet that genuinely represent who we are in the present.
Blessed under the breath of the peaceful Kyoto, amused by the stunningly colorful, shimmering hue of fall, every casual moment of our truthfulness vividly turned into our own, unique and everlasting memories lied within this piece of glamorous, poetic land full of fallen maple leaves.
The sweetness and joyfulness of love, breezed as the taste of maple syrups, have embraced in all discerning visions of Martin from Martin Aesthetics we trust.



愛情的甜蜜與歡樂就如同楓糖漿一樣,我們信賴來自馬丁光影的攝影師 Martin 到位的眼光。


Photography: Martin Aesthetics / Ginny’s Outfit: Philosophy / Stephen’s Outfit: Ralph Lauren, ZARA, American Eagle Outfitters, THEY / Stephen’s shoes: Also / Bouquet: 朝花夕拾