Three things that come to mind when we think of Amire the Bridal Closet – Affordable luxury, Attentiveness to details and Attitude with style.

Affordable Luxe

Amire Bridal brings an exclusive range of top international brands to Hong Kong. It’s always a treat to be inspired by their tasteful picks, with exquisite details and non-traditional designs. They bring style and quality to an affordable level and are well known for picking out the unique waist enhancing gowns that are popular in the Israeli and Romanian style, not to mention the exquisite fine beading.

Attentiveness to Details

Amire Bridal would make your experience a memorable one. Before purchasing a bridal gown, you will first have to communicate with the brand’s designer and then they’ll make specific adjustments to the Asian body type, such as length and size. They also provide made to order services, to allow brides to find the most suitable fit – showing Amire Bridal’s comprehensive and careful selections. The emphasise on the maintenance of dresses, especially with rental dresses. Each dress would only be rented for a limited time, to ensure the exclusiveness and quality of the dress. After each rental, they will send it to the laundry company for it to be cleaned and maintained, so other brides can wear it with ease on their big day.


Their two managers  are very focused and strongly believe in the process of communication with their clients. They provide professional advice, for example having the European fishtail gown is a trend, but the design may not be suitable for most Asian woman’s bodies. So in the selection process, they would advise their clients to pay attention to such details accordingly to their body’s proportion and skin tone. These ideas and suggestions are so that their clients would be able to to pick out the most suitable one for their wedding, ultimately they hope to see every bride with a genuine smile on their special day.
Amire Bridal suggests that the upcoming trend would be high fashion sort of style with minimalist and chic designs. Colours would mainly be light pink, and the off shoulder style would be popular amongst brides. They also suggested that if brides who want their wedding to be more unique, this would be a good start! Simplicity is the best.
Heads up! Amire Bridal will be introducing two new designer brands from New York in early 2018. Allison Webb and Rivini from Rita Vinieris and the the up and coming Israeli designer, Lian Rokman. Brides who love simple lines and embroidery would love Allison Webb’s collection. A sleek, modern design that fine details. This series reflects the elegance of the hand-made dress and enhances every stitch and detail – definitely a modern day romance. Rita Vinieris collection is also another treat, it focuses on creating a sense of minimalist luxury, with soft, pastel and ivory outlining – shows a new era of simplicity and luxury put together.
In addition to the above designer brands, Amire Bridal has much more to offer, do not forget to check out these following brands:
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 如果要用三個形容詞形容Amire the Bridal closet (Amire Bridal) ,將會是Affordable,Attentive和Attitude。
Affordable Luxe – Amire Bridal 把頂尖國際品牌帶入香港,搜羅大眾都能負擔得起的婚紗但不失品牌時尚、高格調的風格。Amire Bridal 兩位主理人會親自到海外選購大部份婚紗及禮服,她們認為外國款式在於珠功精細,設計獨特,除了歐洲以外,特意引購特別修腰顯瘦,靈感來自於細節和非傳統的精美設計的以色列及羅馬尼亞款式
Attentive 是Amire Bridal特別值得欣賞的地方。在購入婚紗前會先與品牌設計師溝通,然後根據亞洲人的身型,例如高度,上圍作調整,甚至能以客人的尺寸來訂造一件最合適她尺寸婚紗(Made to Order),可見Amire Bridal全面且仔細的心思。而且Amire Brial 明白到婚紗對每位新娘的重要性,她們很著重裙的保養,特別是租裙,每條裙會以有限次數地出租以確保裙的獨特性及質素,亦一向有跟洗衣公司合作,每一次租裙完畢必定會送往洗衣公司清理,讓新娘可安心穿著。
Attitude- 兩位主理人非常著重與客人溝通的過程,並為每一位提供專業的建議。例如歐洲的魚尾裙的確非常高貴,但設計可能不太適合亞洲女性的身材,所以在挑選合適婚紗時,會提醒客人應該留意自己身長的比例和婚紗上身與下身的比例而顏色方面可以挑選淺粉紅、珊瑚色,都能令皮膚顯得白淨。這些心得和建議都只為了能令客人挑選到一條最適合自己的婚紗,最終希望看到每一個新娘都帶著一顆融化人心的微笑。
對於婚紗來年的流行走勢,Amire Bridal預計型格與簡約將會取代小清新成為潮流。顏色方面會以淺粉紅為主,而一字肩款式將會突圍而出。另外Amire Bridal建議如果Pre Wedding想更特別,可以挑選一些褲裝或者非常簡單的設計,Simple is Beautiful and Chic !
Amire Bridal 將於2018年初在紐約引進兩個新設計師品牌,分別是Rita Vinieris的Allison Webb和Rivini以及包括Lian Rokman在內的以色列新設計師品牌。Allison Webb的系列是專注於簡潔的線條和刺繡,設計精緻現代,非常耐看。此系列體現高貴優雅的感覺,手工製作的禮服可以增強新娘的自然美感,設計師對刺繡和細節的關注,令此系列成了現代浪漫的典範。
而Rita Vinieris的系列專注於創造浪漫和簡約奢華的感覺,設計師用柔軟花瓣,清爽的白色和象牙色以及乳白色勾勒出一個簡約奢華的新時代。
除以上設計師品牌外,Amire Bridal 更引入以下品牌: