Wedfolks婚禮分享平台於2015年由Sudhee Liao 及Samantha Lam創辦,致力從婚禮每個細節出發,發掘香港婚界引人注目及值得欣賞的作品;網站主力以網誌形式分享香港的真實婚禮個案,從而推薦本港有實力的婚禮服務供應商給讀者。經內部嚴格選核,在Wedfolks內出現的均是高質素的婚界強人,讓新人在此輕易覓得最合適的服務供應商。我們將不斷尋找婚禮各項的最新潮流及靈感,令新人輕易舉辦到夢想中的婚禮。




Wedfolks is an online wedding resource sharing platform. Founded by a passionate and creative duo, Samantha and Sudhee.

Our main mission in Wedfolks is to connect creative wedding folks with brides and grooms-to-be. To acheive that, we are committed to give you your daily dosage of wedding inspiration, blending in inspiring and exquisite ideas that help you find your voice and style.

Our passion inspires us to curate and execute, with warmth and professionalism, to put together beautiful storied celebrations that are stunning and timeless. We are constantly looking for new wedding ideas to inspire us here at Wedfolks, so if you would like to share more with us, do drop us a mail at wedfolks@gmail.com