5 Bridal Headpiece Shops with Intricate Designs in Hong Kong

Today we’ll share five local bridal headpiece vendors for your wedding day. A headpiece plays an important aspect in the bride’s overall look. It helps to shape the bride’s face by giving an added dimension, thus enhancing the design of the wedding gown. It all depends on how you play around with it. In Hong Kong, there are many different types of bridal headpiece vendors. Some designers create one-off pieces, some specially hand pick each individual piece from all around the world. With so many different styles and designs on offer,  you’ll surely find something to suit your personality!


在細節中顯心思 -五間本地頭飾造型介紹



Being of Love-Millinery and Wedding Adornments

What is unique about them is their bridal hats. Irene, the founder, specially handcrafts each and every hat to suit each bride based on their gown, personality and even hair colour! She gets to know her clients, and comes up with a design that is uniquely theirs. She works well with beads and lace, and sews each and every bead together by hand. Each piece is definitely a unique work of art!


Donning a bridal hat instantly gives the bride more personality. Good news for brides-to-be – if you would like to reuse it for future occasions, you can always take it back to Irene to have the embellishments changed. It is definitely a re-usable bridal headpiece that would last in time to come! Also, if there are brides-to-be out there who prefer to challenge themselves in creating one, Irene also holds workshops that are open to all!



Down The Aisle Atelier

For brides who are opting for a clean and minimalist style, Down The Aisle Atelier would be an ideal option for you. With a simple and clean design, it just screams elegance. Pair it with a stylish wedding gown and fuss-free hairdo and you’re all set! Down The Aisle Atelier’s headpieces are for brides who are looking for both simplicity and elegance.

近年來,很多新娘都偏愛簡約風,Down The Aisle Atelier的頭飾,有著修長簡潔的曲線,在一眾過於繁複浮俗的設計中突圍而出。穿上時尚的婚紗或禮服,配著自然簡單的髮型,再加上Down The Aisle Atelier的頭飾,令新娘更有純潔高雅的氣派。

All the pieces are handmade by founder, Rachel, a  talented designer who designs every individual piece with meticulous detail. She works with Swarovski crystals, pairing it up with different materials and floral designs. With their sparkly gleam and shimmer, the crystals definitely give the headpieces a subtle charm.



Lane’s Bridal

For brides who are going for the elegant and sophisticated look, you can consider Lane’s Bridal’s pieces. They source their bridal head pieces internationally from well-known designers. Which includes famous American designer Kenneth Jay Lane, whose works have been considered 20th Century’s most exquisite brand of artificial ornaments. They’ve even been spotted on The First Lady and other A-list Hollywood celebrities.

如果喜歡華麗風的新娘,可以考慮Lane’s Bridal的作品,全部都是由店主搜羅及引進世界各國知名設計師的作品。裡頭更包括美國著名設計師Kenneth Jay Lane,他的作品被喻為20世紀最漂亮出色的人造飾物品牌,亦為各國總統夫人與好萊塢女星的所愛。


Lane’s Bridal’s carefully handcrafted pieces, are bold often with innovative designs. They have recently introduced the increasingly popular Bohemian styled head pieces, which is perfect for brides who is planning to have a themed wedding!

Lane’s Bridal 精心揀選的作品,色彩鮮艷,設計創新亦大方得體。最近更引入本年度最受歡迎的波希米亞風,不但增加新娘的女神仙氣,也可以呼應不同婚禮的主題和風格。


L’atelier de bon

Candy, the owner of L’atelier de bon adores vintage headpieces because of their unique colours. She created her own brand, personally catering to the needs and desires of every bride-to-be. Discerning brides-to-be come to her with an image of their gown and Candy expertly designs and crafts the perfect hair accent to go with your gown. The best part?  She is able to work around your style, design and budget to deliver a stunning and eye-catching result.


All works are all handmade,using high quality silk and the silver-plated wires are imported from America. L’atelier de bon literally translate to “beautiful studio” in French. We believe the word “beautiful” not only refers to Candy’s creations but her blessings for each bride-to-be, who is wearing a unique headpiece that is made from the heart.

所有作品都是全人手製造,並選用真絲及美國鍍銀線作為創作元素,以確保產品質素。L’atelier de bon的法文是解作「美好的工作室」,相信這份美好指的並不只有Candy的作品,還有她那一份帶著祝福,為每個披嫁衣的女生而創作出不同頭飾的心思。


Saysocessories Handmade

What we love about Saysocessories Handmade is the intricate designs of beads and pearls. Each bead is only 2mm, some pieces would need thousands of beads. All of these are handmade, strung one by one. The process is certainly a tedious one, but tastefully put together.


Having a wedding gown is a necessity for a wedding day. But if you want to give it a touch of originality, Saysocessories Handmade would be able to give you that finishing touch. Regardless of material or colour, your one-of-a-kind bridal headpiece would be customized with your own personality.