Acquainted over work, Eileen who is from Singapore never thought she would get together with Anthony from Hong Kong. Their first interaction was through an email about work, Alan’s reply being curt made Eileen think that perhaps he was a rude person. Things changed when Eileen moved to Hong Kong as they were brought closer together through a common group of friends.  She eventually started to see the other softer side of Anthony who usually portray a more stern side of himself. Never in Eileen’s wildest thoughts would she imagine she would one day fall in love with the “rude” colleague that she first exchange words over email.

Anthony had initial plans to move to London, having Eileen come into his life showed him how intertwined two people’s lives can become in a relationship. Eileen and Anthony decided to have a Filmlet (combining photographs and video) created with AndroidsinBoots, so they could share their stories and experiences with all their Hongkong and Singapore friends and families.



Photo and Video by AndroidsinBoots