Choosing the right wedding videographer can be challenging, for it is every couple’s dream to have their wedding day moments captured perfectly to showcase the best moments of their romance. Being able to tailor the video to showcase your personalities as well as to highlight the character of your relationship takes quite a bit of skill, which is why it is important to find a wedding videographer that you can connect with well.

To help you seek out a wedding videographer for your pre-wedding or actual wedding day, here are the 25 Wedding Videographers in HongKong that you MUST Know. We have also highlighted the different specializations that shone through their work and creations. Surely on this list, you will be able to find the wedding videography team with works that touches your heart.



  1. Woody Storytelling

Woody’s style is candid and artistic, while still capturing a classic and timeless representation of your day. They combine a high level of cinematography experience and quality editing to give make every video an unique work. The passion from this passionate team lies solely in producing an original film specific to you that captures each glorious minute of your special day. You are guaranteed to receive a one-of-a-kind film because your love is unique.

WOODY STORYTELLING的拍攝風格寫實,將你的大日子以最經典永恆的畫面呈現在眼前。他們以高水準的電影拍攝手法紀錄低當天每分每秒的寶貴時刻,並巧妙地把一個個的片段編輯成一段扣人心弦的愛情故事,一個只屬於你們,獨一無二的婚禮影片。


2. BOZZ Wedding

Detailed and meticulous, BOZZ Wedding is able to capture moments that is close to your hearts. Every video is tailored made – tender, tear-jerking and laughter-filled moments, with their exquisite style of videography and moving storytelling.

BOZZ Wedding is one of the professional studios where words simply fail to accurately describe or illustrate what it is they do. It is actually in everyone’s best interest to take the time to watch one, or even all, of their amazingly transportive and awe-inspiring videos.

BOZZ Wedding的細膩,讓每一段影片都感覺作為新人的感受,捕捉到當天每一個讓人刻骨銘心的場面。他們精湛的攝影風格使一個個百感交集的時刻變成動人的故事。

我們無法準確地以一言一語來形容Bozz Wedding的那一份細膩,唯一的是實實在在地欣賞他們其中一個作品,甚至所有作品,細味當中的精髓。


3. KC Professional Photography

KC Professional Photography highlights graceful and elegant shots that showcase a couple’s beautiful love story. 

Having the ability to capture raw emotions, KC videography team is one of the most sought after in Hong Kong. They are also recognized as one of the top wedding professional by leading publications worldwide including StyleMePretty, WPJA, ISPWP and BRIDES magazine from the UK. Allow their work to speak for itself!

KC Professional Photography是香港最受歡迎的婚紗影片攝影團隊之一,他們也被多個海外婚禮資訊平台和雜誌公認為國際頂尖的婚禮專業團體之一,包括StyleMePretty,WPJA,ISPWP和BRIDES。其作品特別優美,完全展示到每一對新人美麗的愛情故事,並將他們最率真真誠的一面都紀錄下來。


4. Androidsinboots Weddings

Having a branch in Singapore, Melbourne and Hongkong, AndroidsinbBoots has filmed weddings from different culture and different cities. No matter where your destination wedding may occur, this passionate team lies solely in producing an original film specific to you that captures each glorious minute of your special day.

Prior to establishing the brand in Hongkong a year ago, Wilson found himself returning to Hong Kong many times every year as an artist who is intrigued by the culture and landscape. To him it is like a second home. AndroidsinBoots has since been in Hong Kong for a year. Being an avid traveller and a strong team of 18 people, the team from AndroidsinBoots are constantly inspired by the storytelling of different nations and hence it is no surprise that their video feels like a fusion of the East and West. And in a country where marriage between the East and West is common, AndroidsinBoots might just be the ideal vendor.

AndroidsinbBoots走遍世界各地的婚禮,於新加坡,墨爾本和香港設有分部。無時無刻都準備為你們冒險,無論是甚麼故事和目的地,其團隊都會為你們製造一個只屬於你們的婚禮影片,在大日子中捕捉每一個光輝的時刻。 Wilson來自新加坡,過往一年多次以婚紗攝影師身份來往香港和新加坡,被香港的文化景觀深深吸引著。對他來說,這就是第二個家。AndroidsinbBoots作為一個狂熱的旅行者和一個由18人組成的強大團隊,來自不同國家的故事不斷為他們帶來靈感。因此,他們的作品無疑地揉合了東西的元素。在東西方之間的婚姻亦很普遍,AndroidsinBoots亦是一個理想的選擇。


5. HW Motion Story

Prepare to smile, laugh out loud and shed a few tears when you see your wedding film created by the talented team at HW Motion Story. Specializing in weaving heartfelt stories from family and friends with music that fits your style to a tee, they expertly document and edit the most authentic, sentimental and emotional moments of your wedding day to bring you intimate look at your life and love that just gets better over the years. It would definitely feel nice to look back upon those moments – one of the milestones in life!

當你看HW Motion Story 的時候要做好大笑大哭以及被感動的準備,尤其他們在大日子拍攝時善於捕捉親戚朋友對新人終成眷屬當步入教堂的感動,相信若干年後你從看回片段時都會情感如泉湧。


6. Part of you by 123cheese

A love film with lots of aesthetic shots and slow motion, they captured it in a creative style. They infuse their own dynamic, melodious style and creates intimate pieces of art personalized for you and your loved ones. With the impeccable use of natural light, various shots of both the tender and lively moments. Spend some time and get mesmerized by the gorgeous shots!

一部愛情電影很多時都涉及鏡頭美學和慢鏡頭拍攝,而Part of you by 123cheese則以創意的風格拍攝。他們注入獨有的動態,旋律風格,為您和愛侶創造個人化的婚禮影片,並捕捉到柔和的自然光,照耀著每一個溫柔和活潑的時刻。



7. Dino W Video

Creative shots with slow motion movements and sweeping music to deliver a love story for you. Capturing poignant scenes while being as unobtrusive as possible. Dino W Video has a subtle touch that captures sentimental and tear jerking moments, capturing beautiful moments through moving images, in its natural and immaculate form. Definitely a day to be remembered!

Dino W Video擅長用慢鏡及浪漫音樂捕捉具影響及張力的場景,令人不得不著迷。


8. History Studio Wedding Photography

Through creative cinematic storytelling, History Studio wedding videos has a simple yet compelling way to capture one of the most important days of your life. Their filming can cover any aspect from the preparations, through to the service, the reception, and speeches…etc. Keeping a discrete presence throughout the day, yet capturing those honest and genuine moments in time.

通過具電影感的鏡頭和鋪排,History Studio的錄像用簡單但引人注目的方式來捕捉你的生活中最重要的日子。從事前準備,到當刻心情等特殊的時刻都一一捕獲。


9. Wedding Videography

With an impeccable vision of delicate details and emotions, T. Art Videography artfully infuses his journalistic style with ingenious use of lights to capture the most precious moments of love and sentiments of life. T. Art’s work is a timeless representation of understated beauty and a personalized statement of art and luxury. Wedding Videagraphy 注重細膩的細節和拍攝時無可挑剔的視野,巧妙地使用燈光。 的作品是一個低調美感和個性化藝術的奢侈的結合。


10. More Productions

The best images, according to the videographer, comes with the most unnoticed details and natural expressions. In addition to the use of stunning images, More Productions stresses the importance of video, a crucial and narrative technique to tell a touching story. The use of music is equally important, bringing out the best in every couple.

最好的片段,往往是最沒有經過太多量度和計算,最自然表達的一刻。除了使用令人驚嘆的圖像,More Production 擅長用敘事方式講述一個觸動人心的故事。


11. Terry Focus Production

Terry has worked with the television industry in Hong Kong, and has good experience in documentary style films. He works well with his subjects, and he always believes that touching moments are created by listening to the true feelings. With experience and careful anticipation, works captures each glorious moment of your special day!



12. AP Studio

AP Studio was founded based on a vision in pursuing style and creative finesse. Driven by a passion for imagery and cinematographic excellence, they’ve always been seeking for fresh and exciting breakthrough to deliver their signature cinematic videos.

Their attention in every aspect of the wedding in simply admirable as well, they do an excellent job with aerial shots, directed shots, interesting angles and beautiful editing, such are the traits of a videographer with a pair of keen eyes. They are creative and would do all they can just to get that perfect moment. If you prefer something real and original, AP Studio would be your perfect choice!

AP Studio 追求風格創新,出於對電影的熱愛,他們一直尋求新的突破。攝影師有一雙敏銳的眼睛,他們會選用透過航拍鏡頭及其他有趣的角度出發,如果你喜歡的東西 是真實的和自然的,AP工作室將是你完美的選擇。


13. Gabriel Wedding Video

Gabriel Wedding Video believes a wedding that is romantic and exciting. Their style of a photojournalistic videography captures the spontaneous and candid moments, definitely something you would want to look back upon in the years to come! Each and every wedding becomes a creative and unique work!

在Gabriel Wedding Video 的網站介紹,他說:「婚禮是浪漫和令人興奮的,我們將使所有在那一天的所有喜悅;包括任何影像,任何感覺,或任何珍貴的時刻變作永恆。」 這正是我們在他們的錄像中看到的。


14. Friendsphotog

Friendsphotog will document your wedding so that for years to come you can re-live the emotions and memories of your special day. You will be guaranteed a final product will be a carefully edited montage of your day, without the tacky animations. Their team consists of professional film makers who are passionate and meticulous, capturing all your treasured moments without you even noticing they are there!



15. Pixel Hall Productions

Using pretty pastel tones, dreamy effects and romantic music in their video tones, Pixel Hall production is the perfect choice for a romantic and sentimental video! If you are someone that is looking for a fairytale wedding, spend some time to check out their works!

擅於使用柔和色調,製造夢幻般的效果;配上浪漫的音樂作襯托,Pixel Hall Production是一個浪漫風格的錄像公司。


16. Chan Kai Vision 

One of the distinguishing points about Chan Kai Vision will definitely has to be their pre-wedding stop motion video. Carefully shot and curated in such a fun and quirky way, one can immediately feel and get to know the couple’s story in a light and memorable way. PS: Their stop motion set up is just insane!

Chan Kai Vision的一個突出特點就是他們的婚前拍攝錄像。以滑稽有趣的方式,讓人們可以立即了解新人的故事。 PS:他們的定格拍攝手法極度出色!

17. Chris But photo + film

Chris But, the founder of the company has been described with words such as creative, passionate and professional. While he believes every wedding deserves an inspiring motion visual, Chris’s greatest desire is to allow you to experience once again the emotions of that special day.

He strongly feels that wedding videography is not for the sake of record, but a way of remembering one of the best experiences of your life. And he hopes that people who watch his work can feel it too.



18. Givefunla

Givefunla encapsulates the buoyant merry-making spirit of a couple’s big day in a documentary-style light, without heavy-handed effects. Their works are detailed and they have a flair in capturing your soul through their lens.


19. Vision Wedding & Production

If you cannot decide between photos or videos on your wedding highlights, you should check them out. Vision Wedding & Production incorporates photos and videos together to let you enjoy both! They work well with their subjects, spontaneity is the key! Stay in the moment and let them create the magic for you!





20. Johnny Productions

Johnny is the founder of Johnny Productions and is the principal videographer. He studied Architecture before taking up cinematography and started his own company over ten years ago. It is no big surprise that in his videos, one can often find the beauty of the surroundings. With each and every couple, he wants to bring out the individual personality of his subjects so that his clients go away with something that truly reflects themselves.

Johnny 在大學學習建築學,然後在十年前開始攝影並創辦自己的公司。在他的錄像中,經常捕捉周圍環境的美。他每個作品的目的是展示個人特點,使他的客戶得到真正反映自己 的東西。


21. Jeremy Wong wedding

Jeremy Wong, both a photographer and a videographer. His works unfold unique and personal stories of couples, revealing character and personality of each and every couple. His approach is fresh, fun and one of a kind! He has his own way of creating magic, capturing timeless and truly heartfelt moments.

Jeremy Wong同時是攝影師又是錄像師,你看完他的作品應該會陷入一個難題:應該邀請他做拍照片還是錄像呢?因兩者都同樣出色。

22. Muse Muse Cine

The creative team from Muse Muse Cine is great at embedding creative effects into their videos to create a highly entertaining final video for the viewers. Whether it is slowing down the scenes, or capturing beautiful details of the gown or rings, these added touches surely gives a uniqueness to your video. If you are looking for something playful and creative, you should take a look at their works!

Muse Muse Cine擅於嵌入創意效果到他們的錄像,以創建一個非常有趣的作品。無論是慢鏡場景,還是捕捉禮服或戒指的美麗細節,肯定會為您的錄像增添獨特的感覺。

23. Or Image

If you are a fun-loving couple who enjoys your crazy gate crashing games, Or Image would definitely be the choice to go to. Videos produced from them evokes a happy and uplifting vibe. In this video, Or Image even made the entire wedding video into a MTV style and have the bridal party dance and lip-sync to it. Certainly an entertaining video to share with your close ones during your dinner banquet. Definitely something light hearted and memorable!

如果你是一對有趣的新人,喜歡瘋狂的接新娘遊戲,你應該選擇 Or Image。他們製作的錄像通常會帶有快樂和振奮的氛圍。


24. Kelvinshot

Kelvinshot provides high quality cinematic wedding films. While the creative team at Kelvinshot believes every wedding is unique and special, they also hope to retell each and every couple’s story with the most natural approach which involves directed acting for the camera which they would eventually stitched it beautifully with your wedding day footages. Would definitely be a good mix and to take your acting skills to a test!



25.  Red String

From tears of joy to starry love struck eyes, every emotional moment will be documented with careful anticipation of Red String. Their videography style fantastically captures emotions through spontaneity to their shots, from different angles.  You will never get tired of reliving them. Let the create wonders through their lens!